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TECH Technological University gives its students an alternative in this job market


According to Forbes magazine, the TECH Technological University is “the best digital university in the world in Spanish”. The magazine refers to the tremendous international trajectory of the educational institution. Its position as the most outstanding university in the sector is supported by technologies that strengthen and promote online education.

We must remember the fundamental role played by digital technologies for online education during 2020. First, online universities took a clear advantage quickly, which helped put University TECH in the spotlight. Now, there is no other institution that compares to it.

However, it is unfair to attribute the success of TECH exclusively to the context of the year 2020. We must remember its different methods, such as its innovative learning method, its specialized teaching staff, and the technical team behind the project.

In addition, the job market was already prepared for a university like TECH: professionals with graduate degrees are now in high demand. In contrast, the job supply for undergraduate graduates has decreased considerably. As a result, education is now both in need and rewarded; TECH knew how to give it to its students.

Continuous training as a requirement in the labor market

The market has evolved and has become increasingly marked by digitalization. As a result, ongoing training is now a vital tool for employability and, in some cases, even a requirement. As a result, professionals in different sectors need to keep up-to-date knowledge and skills.

It is logical to see working professionals going back to the classroom to face their new situation in this context. Specialization is now a competitive differentiator, rather than just a desirable skill. Companies increasingly value high levels of training coupled with verifiable experience.

Companies’ reason for requesting continuing education is their desire for development. The market is in flux due to factors such as the technological revolution, globalization, and internationalization. They are forced to generate structural, methodological, and functional changes within the organization.

Promoting employability is an objective that universities have had to set themselves to give their students more significant opportunities in the demanding labor market. In fact, it is one of the priorities and achievements of the TECH Technological University: 97% of its students have a job at the end of their studies.

TECH Technological University

TECH Technological University belongs to the TECH educational group. They specialize in postgraduate education, and the university has the most prominent digital offer globally. The largest digital institution offers international programs in several different languages.

It currently offers more than 10,000 information programs and has more than 500,000 alumni from 150 countries. Its reach is due to its permits to operate as a university. In addition, its online system allows people from all over the world to access the programs.

Academic Quality

TECH students receive training through a unique methodology, Re-Learning. Thanks to it, students learn without feeling that they are necessarily struggling to study. It is a comfortable way to learn and focus on studies without feeling the pressure of the regular universities.

On the other hand, it also has an agreement to offer students the “Case Method”. It is a tool developed by Harvard University. It consists of learning through the application of knowledge in business cases. It is an excellent way to learn about the labor market for those with no experience.

A Memorable Teaching Staff

The total number of TECH professors exceeds 6,000, and all of them are considered benchmarks in their field. The reason for seeking out this group has been to implement the methodologies above so that the result is always as optimal as possible.

Currently, 65% of the teaching staff works with TECH in different programs of their centers attached to universities in several countries. Therefore, this is a way to increase their preparation while continuously improving the programs.

Trained Technical Staff

Non-faculty workers also play an essential role at TECH University. More than 1,000 administrative and service professionals are working on the project, ensuring that it will be sustained over time. In addition, the team is in charge of the financial, technological, and commercial sides.

This part of the staff is expected to reach 1,800 people between 2023 and 2024, especially as the project intends to grow further.

Labor Demand and Salary

The number of offers that include a graduate degree as a requirement has increased in recent years; in some countries, it has even doubled. Despite implying the need for specialized higher education, the offers also indicate better pay for the same work.

In the cases with the most remarkable difference, we see that professionals with a postgraduate degree have up to 70% more income than those with a similar professional profile with an undergraduate degree. Moreover, the age range for this profile is between 45 and 54 years old. In other cases, the wage gap is not as large but still present.