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Hispanic Outlook on Education, the magazine that ranks U.S. colleges and universities


The Hispanic education community created Hispanic Outlook magazine. It has more than 30 years of experience ranking colleges and universities and publishing educational news and events. Its main task is to rank the top U.S. colleges and universities to award scholarships, programs, and degrees to Hispanic students in its annual top 100 list.

Among these universities is LaGuardia, a Hispanic Serving Institution (HSI), which has programs to study, programs to work and courses to learn English. All of these are geared toward Hispanic students.

Another educational institution that is among the Hispanic Outlook on Education’s top 100 is Sam Houston State University. This year, it has promoted many programs to support “first generation” Hispanic students.

What is Hispanic Outlook on Education?

Hispanic Outlook on Education is a monthly American magazine that publishes articles on higher education. It also publishes articles on various Hispanic American topics and evaluates U.S. educational institutions with Hispanic students. Generally, the annual top 100 list of colleges and universities ranks each institution. It is based on the learning, services and opportunities they offer to Latino students.

Traditional and digital publications

The magazine publishes year-round news and events, except for June, July, and August. It showcases news and current trends related to multicultural educational institutions in the 21st century.

As of today, Hispanic Outlook on Education has a wide selection of scientific and research articles since 2008 of great interest to students and professionals. Then, in late 2011 it transformed its traditional magazine format to the digital world with free apps on App Store and Google Play.

Starting in 2013, Hispanic Outlook on Education magazine became popular among Hispanic students because of its presence as a colour digital magazine. Every month, it makes diverse publications, from recent news and research.

The move to the digitisation of any magazine is essential. This decision was also crucial in the case of this magazine because its readers are mainly young people in academic environments. Moreover, technology is part of everyday academic life, so it was necessary to be able to access publications online and on portable devices.

Top 100 colleges and universities

Hispanic Outlook on Education also ranks the best schools and universities in the United States with primarily Hispanic students. In this sense, it ranks the top 100 educational institutions that grant bachelor’s and master’s degrees to these young people in various disciplines, general and specialised, that professionalise them.

How does Hispanic Outlook on Education rank educational institutions?

Hispanic Outlook on Education’s rankings are based on data from the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) of the Institute of Education Sciences (IES) and information provided by the Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS). Using this data, HO identifies the top 100 colleges with the highest academic performance for Hispanic students. In addition, it considers the number of Hispanic students entering and graduating annually.

The ranking considers the educational institutions with the most degrees awarded in the academic year. For example, this magazine has ranked UCF as the No. 5 U.S. university in 2021 that confers bachelor’s degrees to Hispanic students. In fact, this is the second consecutive year it has recognised this university.

Additionally, it is ranked #13 for Hispanic enrolment and #17 for master’s degrees awarded to Hispanics. Between 2019 and 2020, it awarded 3,907 bachelor’s degrees and 531 master’s degrees to Hispanics.

List of some top universities

Aside from UCF, universities recognised by Hispanic Outlook on Education include the following:

  • Florida International University;
  • University of Southern California;
  • National University;
  • University of Miami;
  • Capella University;
  • University of La Verne;
  • Harvard University;
  • Lamar University;
  • University of Arizona;
  • Boston University;
  • among others.

There are a variety of universities with great opportunities for Hispanics. They can even take advantage of full or partial bachelor’s and master’s scholarships.

How is Hispanic Outlook on Education different from other similar magazines?

Hispanic Outlook on Education magazine was created 30 years ago because Hispanics were increasing on college campuses. It eventually became a national phenomenon. Now, every year, HO is responsible for presenting a list of the top 100 colleges and universities that chart the educational progress of young, entitled Hispanics. Each year the numbers show significant growth.

No list of other categories accurately demonstrates the reality of Hispanic enrolment and degrees awarded. Instead, HO compiles Department of Education data from higher education surveys processed in all 50 U.S. states. No data is left out. The objective is to specify the number of Hispanics. It allows analysing this community in order.

The data for each educational institution is sorted in descending order of Hispanic participation, from highest to lowest. The degrees acquired by Hispanics are also considered. For this purpose, the trends of the different careers chosen by these young people are evaluated. Most Hispanics graduate with engineering, English and literature, science, medicine, education, and technology degrees.