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10 tips on how students can fight the creative crisis


Sometimes you have numerous creative ideas and all creative tasks are solved with ease. But it also happens that the task is in front of your eyes, and there are zero thoughts. And no matter how much you try to come up with something, you are stuck. In situations like this students can simply buy a term paper, or use the tips from this article. If you are familiar with the things described above, congratulations, you are going through a creative crisis.

We tell you why such a problem arises and how to return precious inspiration.

Who may face a creative crisis?

Creative difficulties are familiar not only to students but also to working professionals. Most often these are students of creative jobs:

  • journalist, writer, screenwriter;
  • director, sound engineer;
  • cinematographer, photographer;
  • actor, choreographer;
  • designer, artist, etc.

If it comes to the preparation of student papers, then here a creative crisis can overtake any student.

Causes of occurrence

Creative stupor usually happens unexpectedly: yesterday everything was fine, but today the muse has disappeared somewhere. There are 2 categories of reasons for this problem.

Psychological reasons

Stress. A new team, an upcoming important event, a difficult relationship with a teacher or colleagues – this and much more makes a person worry. In this state, it is impossible to concentrate on the task and give free rein to the imagination. All thoughts revolve around the cause of the excitement.

Prolonged depressed state. Sad, and just unpleasant events often unsettle the loss of a loved one, the breakup of a relationship, an unresolved conflict. Prolonged presence in such a state reduces creativity. However, according to the study, short emotional outbursts, “unusual” sensations stimulate the release of the neuromodulator acetylcholine. It helps to concentrate on a specific goal. Also thanks to this substance, you feel proud when you create.

Low self-esteem. When you are biased about yourself and your abilities, any criticism becomes a “blow”. If last time your work was not appreciated enough, not praised and not encouraged, you take it personally and think: “I’m just not capable of more, I’ll never be able to create something worthy.”

Such a state blocks inspiration, because “nothing will work anyway.”

A strong sense of responsibility. This applies to both personal life and work. As you know, creative people need a flight of fancy. And how can you fly if important things land you? In addition, responsibility with a large volume of tasks provokes stress.

A monotonous lifestyle. He is a big enemy of everything creative, who needs new sensations and emotions. Ideas arise against the background of new knowledge, and the usual comfort zone does not exactly stimulate the imagination.


Fatigue, lack of sleep. In an exhausted state, the brain “slows down” and cannot think creatively.

Hormonal failure. These substances regulate the work of the whole body. Due to failures, a person may have mood swings, problems in the work of internal organs, decreased libido, etc. It is known that due to the lack of male hormones, creativity suffers.

Hunger. What do you think about when you want to eat? Hardly about global warming or the profound meaning of Shakespear’s works. The feeling of hunger concentrates thoughts on food.

Sedentary lifestyle. If you don’t move much, blood circulates slowly through the body. Accordingly, the brain and other organs receive insufficient oxygen for fast and efficient work.

Prevention of creative crisis

It is important to understand that it is difficult to regain inspiration momentarily. To face creative stupor less often, you need to reconsider your lifestyle:

If you often run into a dead-end, although there were plenty of ideas before, consult a doctor. Take a blood test for biochemistry, check the level of hormones, vitamins, and trace elements. It is important to exclude such a cause of frequent crises as malfunctions in the body.

Alternate work and rest. Sitting for hours on one task is not as productive as it seems. Try out the Pomodoro time management technique in practice: 25 minutes of work and 5 minutes of break. And after 4 such “segments” it is desirable to rest for 15-30 minutes. This way you will avoid overload and keep your thoughts fresh.

Go in for sports. Choose something suitable for yourself: yoga, dancing, cycling, climbing stairs, swimming. With the help of physical exercises, you will disperse the blood through the body, saturate all organs, including the brain, with a large amount of oxygen. Regular workouts normalize sleep, strengthen the nervous system and reduce stress. But most importantly, sport improves cognitive abilities: thinking, learning, reasoning ability, etc.

Add something new to life. Eat a fruit you’ve never tasted; go to work a new way. Rearrange the room, buy curtains of an unusual color. Read the article, maybe you will like something. New impressions reduce stress, improve brain function: with frequent changes in the environment, many neural connections are created.

Read books instead of watching movies. The movie shows the finished picture. In most films, the author’s idea is revealed as clearly as possible, so that everything is immediately clear to the viewer. When reading, you will have to distract yourself, think, imagine the situation, the appearance of the characters, their voices, etc. Thanks to this, creative thinking and imagination are trained.

Look for new sensations. Go to a trampoline center, an amusement park, a head or foot massage, jump into a dry pool. There are many options, and you will like them! Outbursts of emotions, like physical exercise, stimulate the brain.

If you have a creative crisis, and you need to pass the work shortly, try out the recommendations:

Take a break from the task: do cooking or cleaning, go to the store. Anything, just don’t think about the task. Perhaps you have been working for a long time and your brain has “blurred”.

Forget about finding a single solution. Write down all the thoughts on the topic, even the most absurd, and then distract yourself for 15-20 minutes. You may generate a new idea from all the recorded ones, you just needed a little rest.

Expand your knowledge on the topic. View the works of other authors/artists, etc. Here are some resources:

  • Behance is a community of creative people (photographers, illustrators, graphic and web designers). Here are the best works in different directions;
  • Pinterest is suitable for photographers, event managers, designers, illustrators, florists, tattoo artists, and many others. Anyone connected with creativity can find a lot of ideas here;
  • Dribble – combines the work of the world’s best UI/UX designers and creatives.

If this does not help, then proceed to the next point.

Do things that are important to you. And to get rid of stress and accumulated student work, contact the best essay writing service online. They will definitely help to lower the stress level when it comes to studying.