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Why is it so hard to write a successful essay?


Students get a lot of writing assignments during their studying at school or in college. For some of them writing essays is an easy and pleasant process. But most of the students hate this process.

Those who don’t enjoy writing themselves are divided into two groups. First one consists of those who find someone who could write essays for money and have it done professionally and in a short time. And the second one is full of people who are desperately trying to put it together themselves.

But have you ever thought about why it is so difficult to write a decent essay? Here are some of the most common reasons.

You don’t understand the meaning of the thesis

This is one of the most frequent problems: students do not fully understand the topic, so they can’t expound on it. Often they make arguments that coincide with the thesis in an indirect way. For example, they see the word “dream,” cling to it, and use literary material where this word is also found.

They tell you have to start with a plan

Allegedly this is the only way to structure thoughts. There is some truth in this, but people are different, and making a classic plan does not work for everyone. For example, the writer Orhan Pamuk does first write a plan of the work and then does not deviate from it one bit. But the equally brilliant writer Julio Cortázar thought that planning would have killed his work. He was inspired by mystery, and he did not know until the last minute how his text would end.

You did not get reviews

The student gets points for the content and language design of the piece, but that says almost nothing. What should be done differently next time? Why didn’t the professor like it? If a student made an effort but received a low grade, he or she may feel that it was not the result that was evaluated, but his or her ability. “That’s how unoriginal I am, I can’t write properly”.

Noone talks about inspiration

Some educators laugh: Are students waiting for the muse to visit them? If the essay is nothing more than a written response, then really, it’s easy. But if you want students to write creative and emotional essays, it’s different.

Good news, there are lots of sources to get inspired for creative writing and making the whole process more pleasant.

You do not know how work with drafts

Here is a blank sheet of paper. And suddenly we have to write something really interesting on it. We are often afraid to start writing, scrolling through the future essay in our heads over and over again.

Students are also limited by the fear of mistakes – grammatical and syntactical. So they start using simple constructions, and this prevents thoughts from flowing freely. You could edit the text later, checking dubious places. This way both literacy will improve and the essay will be more original.

You do not have your own writing style

It takes a long time to develop a literary style, but everyone has the prerequisites for it. We speak and think differently because of a person’s character and experience. These characteristics also show up in the way we write.

Tips for writing the essay essence

It’s time to figure out how to create the essence of an essay. The structure of an essay consists of five paragraphs with three unchanging parts: introduction, body, and conclusion. Let’s take a look at all the important information regarding essay writing.

Introduction for an essay

The introduction usually consists of only one short paragraph that introduces your reader to what will happen in the next four paragraphs. Here you will briefly describe the essence of your topic. You can include some details that will serve as a kind of announcement for your text.

Don’t go insane for writing absolutely everything – you have a body part for that. Make it short and informative. This part makes it clear to the reader how to navigate your thoughts. It’s very uncomfortable to collate your thoughts after reading, not the other way around.

How is the introduction to an opinion essay any different from another introduction? The focus here should be on the thesis statement. Without a strong and clear thesis statement in the introduction, the “opinion” of your essay is meaningless.

Essay Thesis Statement

Creating the right thesis statement is a critical point in essay writing. It reflects this opinion. Throughout the essay, you must stick to this statement. To do it right, think about your topic and choose key aspects.

Since this is a reflection of the opinion you need to support, state it clearly and unambiguously. This serves as the point of the assignment; it helps you develop it qualitatively rather than backing away from the point of focus on the thesis statement; and it generally helps the reader understand that you are consistent.

So pay the most attention to this when you start writing. Thank goodness it’s at the very beginning of the text. And another important tip: Put it at the end of the introduction to make it easier for the reader to understand and to enhance its effect. When it is a sort of summary of the introduction, it will be easier for the reader to follow.

The main body of the essay

The main parts are the three paragraphs called the body of the essay. Here are the general features for the body. But remember, you don’t need to provide arguments minus, any comparisons and any contrasts-just support for the thesis statement.

You are hereby devoting all your efforts to the development of your dissertation. Yes, for only three paragraphs. That’s why you can’t just rely on your intuition, but must study the topic in length and breadth. That’s the only way you’ll get through this task.

Each paragraph here should describe one single reason why you support this opinion. It’s easy to be distracted, but focus on your argument. And what you say should be weighty and authoritative.

And since there is only support for one idea, you need to provide a strong argument. Use authoritative sources as recognized literature, refer to experts in the field, and be persuasive and confident in your thoughts to make the reader trust your words.

Essay Conclusion

This part is definitely not different from the conclusions of other essays. Summarize everything you said in the previous parts. State your thesis statement again and show how it was developed by giving examples from your body paragraphs. This part involves repetition, so don’t be afraid of it.

Make sure you summarize everything clearly and don’t neglect anything important. If the introduction announces all the thoughts but doesn’t reveal them to the bitter end, your conclusion does. The conclusion is a summary of your text.

To summarize

The idea of becoming a good writer usually involves writing essays. Everyone knows that essays are an important part of school and college life. Although writing an essay may seem like a very difficult task, there are some guidelines that can be very helpful in solving this problem. Therefore, learning how to write an essay can be an enjoyable process if you find appropriate topics. And yet, don’t worry if you’ve tried everything and you still hate doing any writing assignments. Just delegate it to the best paper writing service and professionals will do this for you.