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Is Coffee Really That Bad for You?


If there is one beverage that most of the world enjoyson a daily basis, it is coffee. Some people can’t even endure the thought of not ingesting the hot black liquid every morning. One must only look at the sheer number of coffee franchises there are in the world to get an idea of how popular coffee is. There is also great range in its form – it can be made to enjoy straight away or to go, and can come hot, chilled, or even in a concoction of ice cream and coffee. There is no doubt that the majority of people love having coffee, but there is always that niggle that it might be bad for people.

Whether this is true or not has been the subject of many debates and research throughout the ages. Most people simply do not care enough to find out the truth and will happily continue ingesting coffee for the rest of their lives. It is hard to blame them as it is easy to see the appeal of coffee. It helps stimulate the brain and tastes great – depending on the bean that is used.

Even if coffee was bad, it is easy to assume that most people wouldn’t care. One only must look at New York to see how big the coffee culture there is. One can scarcely turn a corner without seeing a coffeeshop, where patrons can relax with a hot brew and – since mobile gambling was legalized in the state in January 2022 – induging in some online gambling on their smartphones.

At this point, there might be some wondering whether coffee is truly bad for people or not. However, a well-known downfall of coffee that should be known to everyone is that it contains caffeine. While this is a psychoactive substance that helps keep people awake, it is also addictive, even though it is legal which may explain why so many people around the world drink coffee. Those who are addicted to it will also find that they are of higher susceptibility to insomnia and restlessness, which is especially troublesome for those who work a 9-5 job. Additionally, coffee can also be dangerous to pregnant people, though this is not reason enough for other people to stop drinking it.

On the other hand, many benefits come from drinking coffee too, which is why the debate is so fierce and carries on even today. Research has shown that coffee has a part to play in losing weight, boosting physical performance, and helping people to stay focused and alert on tasks. There are also more impactful findings, such as coffee reducing the risk of death and developing cancer. Of course, these are massively beneficial things for just about anyone, but these findings have not been proven concretely.

Coffee is loved by people all over the world, and it is unlikely that anyone will stop drinking it until concrete evidence arises that it is bad for people. In other words, more research is needed to determine what kind of impact it has on people.