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New Jersey Medical Spa Offers Age-Defying Solutions Your Skin Loves!


Line Eraser MD gives your true beauty the timelessness it deserves!

Line Eraser MD is an all-around NJ medical spa and among the best specialized aesthetic clinics in New Jersey. Paying special attention to the beauty and health of your skin, Line Eraser MD offers a myriad of specialized aesthetic treatments – from Botox, dermal fillers, and facials to PRP, natural skin lifts, and the finest anti-aging treatments in the city!

Eager patients are the lifeline of Line Eraser MD’s designated service. The face behind the renowned Line Eraser MD brand, Dr. Carol Eisenstat, ensures every patient walking through the spa doors is tended to in full.

Diagnostics, pre-treatment consultations, thorough treatment examinations, patient expectations, and post-treatment care – the clinic covers all angles of proper skincare!

Dr. Carol Eisenstat is a board-certified aesthetician and among the most reputable branch doctors in Livingston, New Jersey. Prior to opening her spa to eager clients,
Dr. Carol gathered essential expertise in anesthesiology, courtesy of her extensive collaboration with world-recognized professionals in the field.

Dr. Carol’s medical mission is to enable patients in need of prompt and top-quality aesthetic treatments to find exactly what they are looking for – in one place.

With a vibrant attitude and the desire to spread positive vibes among her clients whilst delivering superb results, Dr. Carol’s professional service allows clients of all walks of life to discover the best course of treatment for their skin.

Based on each visitor’s special dermatological needs, Dr. Carol customizes her designated treatments, thus ensuring maximum results to her patients, a direct result of her top-notch and handpicked treatments!

Line Eraser MD counts as one of the reputable medical spas in Livingston and New Jersey in general, be it Botox treatments, Vampire facials, FDA-approved injectables, micro-needling, hair restoration mesotherapy, or a myriad of other specialized services!

Whether dealing with saggy and dull skin, fine or deeper facial lines and wrinkles, loss of cheek or lip volume, droopy eyelids, or more, Dr. Carol is the ‘new skin, new you’ guru!

To further expand her expertise, Dr. Carol collaborates with renowned physicians, dermatologists, and medical professionals, so that every patient visiting Line Eraser MD can enjoy through-and-through patient care. Alongside facial treatments, Dr. Carol also enables her patients detailed 1-on-1 patient consultations, required in establishing the adequate course of treatment.

Dr. Carol is highly passionate about raising awareness of the quality of all treatments provided. She even launched her very own YouTube channel, where she strives to remove all stigma surrounding cosmetic procedures!

Together with her reputable New Jersey clinic and Youtube channel, Dr. Carol also manages her Line Eraser MD website. There, patients can find detailed blogs on every cosmetic procedure done at the clinic, alongside specifics surrounding all aesthetic treatments Dr. Carol performs and the related services she offers.

Line Eraser MD offers its respective services in Livingston, New Jersey. Interested patients can book an appointment via the official website, or by reaching out to the clinic via phone.

In terms of quality, efficiency, and stellar patient care, Line Eraser MD is among the most proficient New Jersey clinics to consider. The brand words its mission the best –

‘To help you feel empowered, build confidence, restore a natural, youthful appearance, and embrace your most valuable asset − YOU.