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Professional Shapewear Manufacturer  You Can invest


At a time when most women are in search of the perfect body, any ally that contributes to achieving this goal is always welcome. Jeans that make you visually slimmer is the dream of every female audience, and fortunately this option is already part of reality. There are already jeans with a belt providing what many women are looking for at the gym with exercises and weight training, the long-awaited modeled body.


Patterned waistband jeans are usually made in high-waisted patterns, and the strap is incorporated into the jeans at the time of the sewing process. The fabric has in its composition a high amount of elastane and power, a textile technology that gives more elasticity and mobility to the piece.

This model helps define the abdominal region by compressing the belly and leaving any extra fat hidden. With it you can reduce your measurements thanks to the belt that is inside and the composition of this model allows more flexibility, and greater adaptation to any female biotype.

The belt on the inside provides a thinner, shaped and curved waist, making it possible for a person who is overweight to wear, for example, a shorter piece such as a cropped blouse, thus not needing to hide the region that presents the more visible fats, the jeans together with the shaper helps to enhance the female silhouette.


Jeans with a shaping strap are really great, but the problem that will always be stuck with this piece that contains. If you are thinking of resale, it is best to invest in wholesale shapewear that are not fixed to the pieces, that is, your customers are not stuck with just a pair of jeans. And, it is not only suitable for aesthetic issues and to reduce measurements, it can also be used in post-op periods where it is necessary to keep the abdomen contracted, and also assists in the function of helping to maintain the correct posture.

This model is suitable for women who seek to leave their body with more curves and outlined. The fit belt jeans have a high waist that wears very well and has a modeling that highlights the strengths, with an innovative design, makes your body more sculptural and full of curves.

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Jeans are a key piece in the women’s wardrobe, they can be used in the most diverse ways, casual or even a more chic look. Innovation in this market in the specific area of jeans being used with shaping shorts is essential to attract consumers who are looking for novelties and who want differentiated pieces. The model is the product you need to have in your store, in addition to having the technology to reduce measurements, it has the style and comfort that are already traditional in the pieces.

As a pioneer in new trends, also look for wholesale waist trainer, you could not fail to have this innovative model in your collection with a new technology that, in addition to an aesthetic benefit, ends up raising the self-esteem of consumers and bringing functionality to the piece.

The shaping belt to be used with jeans is the piece that was missing in your store. It is very important for you as a retailer to acquire products that are on the rise and that consumers are looking for, so bring customers the latest fashion news.

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Always think about investing in pieces that have new technologies to improve more and more the models so that they fit perfectly to the different types of female bodies. A piece that adapts very easily to the body with curves, is the modeling jeans, because they do not have seams on the external sides, they have a perfect fit in addition to being very comfortable.


Modeling belts are accessories that provide benefits at different times of life, as each type of modeling belt has its specificities. So it is important to know the functions of the product you sell to your customers. They are usually indicated for postpartum, post-surgical spine and plastic surgeries such as liposuction and abdominoplasty. In appropriate cases, it is good to follow the instructions of your doctor, he will indicate the best type and the correct way to use it.

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Did you realize how important it is to know the types of shaping belts to choose the best option? That’s why we found these tips about some straps interesting. Finally, we consider it essential that you know the proper time to use the brace, as the ideal is to use it 8 hours a day, or for the time recommended by your doctor. Remember: when using a modeling belt, you will have high self-esteem, in addition to a healthy and pain-free life.