Is CBD safe for pregnant women?

When it comes to pregnant women, there are several benefits that CBD can offer. As a result, CBD is gaining immense popularity in the health and wellness sector. One of the most significant advantages of using CBD is that it does not produce THC. THC is the chemical compound that is responsible for getting you high.

As many people now trust CBD for its physical and mental benefits, it is also gaining popularity for pregnant women. This is because many women believe that CBD can offer relief to pregnant women.

As per the FDA, CBD when pregnant, can be a severe risk, and it urges women not to use them when pregnant. Not just pregnancy, but CBD can be of serious risk for women breastfeeding. Using CBD during pregnancy can be dangerous to you and the baby.

Why is CBD unsafe for pregnant women?

As CBD does not contain THC, many women believe it is ok to use it. This is not true as there is very little research done on humans. A lot of the research has been done on animals, but humans’ results are still awaited.

Tests, where researchers gave animals a high dosage of CBD during pregnancy noticed problems with the male reproductive system. This result does not prove that it can be harmful to women, but more research is required for humans.

These days, CBD products are contaminated with other things that may threaten the developing baby. This can harm both the mother and the child. For example, during breastfeeding and pregnancy, CBD can pose a threat. This is because it may hamper the brain development of the baby.

The THC may transfer to the baby during breastfeeding, which is not advisable. The same is seen when it comes to CBD, so it is advised not to be used by doctors.

CBD products can be contaminated with several things such as pesticides, bacteria, heavy metals, and fungus. Excess use of CBD is harmful to pregnant women and all. There are chances of liver damages and sleepiness with regular use of CBD. If you have other medications, then using CBD can affect your health.

As of now, CBD is approved for only one purpose when it comes to kids. A rare seizure disorder in kids can be treated with CBD.

Cannabidiol is a non-psychoactive compound that is present in cannabis. These days, many pregnant women are moving towards using such oil as they believe it can reduce stress and pain. CBD is also believed to be a natural ailment attracting several pregnant women. Though many women believe CBD is beneficial, the results are still awaited.

CBD can have an immense effect on the brain and behaviour of pregnant women. However, when it comes to the offspring it can affect cognition and mood. This condition is seen long after exposure to CBD.

One of the most significant concerns about CBD is that it is readily available. Being easily available, a lot of pregnant women are using it. Women use CBD during pregnancy to manage depression, anxiety, and pain. Having inflammatory compounds can help reduce anxiety and pain but can have adverse effects on the offspring.

During pregnancy, women have to go through many health issues such as morning sickness, sleeplessness, anxiety, and stress. Women use CBD products to get relief from all of these conditions.

How are mothers using CBD for pregnancy?

Under the observation of a professional doctor, if CBD is appropriately used, it can have positive effects. Many mothers have been able to combat health issues during pregnancy using CBD products. However, it is advised to start using CBD, having significantly fewer dosages in the initial stages.

Starting with as less a 3mg of doses in the initial stages can benefit pregnant women. Many pregnant women have reported a reduction in anxiety and stress levels after consuming CBD in small doses. Later on, you can opt for high dosages if required under the surveillance of a professional doctor for the best results.


Mentioned above are some points that focus on pregnant women using CBD. However, CBD can have adverse effects for both the mother and offspring if not taken the right way. Therefore, if you are pregnant and looking for the best experience, ensure you follow the above mentioned points.


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