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How to Use CBD Tinctures and Sublingual Drops?


CBD has different methods of consumption. Determining the best way to take CBD oil can be tough, especially for first-time users to CBD products. One method that is gaining traction among cannabis enthusiasts is sublingual administration. This process consists of placing CBD oil under the tongue for some time before swallowing.

This article will provide a clear understanding of how to take CBD sublingual drops and tinctures so that they can work to provide necessary relief in the body.

How to Use CBD Tinctures?

Sublingual administration is one of the best ways to use a tincture for potent and faster effects. Simply put CBD oil under your tongue and hold it there for several minutes before swallowing for maximum effects.

Holding CBD under your tongue for longer periods will ensure that your sublingual veins in the tongue spread the CBD oil into your bloodstream. You can also just drop the tincture into your mouth and swallow immediately, but this method offers a slower onset time for CBD effects.

Sometimes the taste of CBD tincture may be unpleasant for some people. In this situation, you can simply drop the tincture onto your favorite food or beverage to gain the benefits. This method will have a slower onset time than when placed under the tongue.

Another way to use CBD tinctures is through topical application. This method involves applying a small amount of the tincture onto the affected areas of the skin. The skin will absorb the tinctures to provide necessary relief.

How Long to Hold Tincturesunder the Tongue?

The ideal way is to keep the CBD oil or tincture under your tongue for at least 1-2 minutes. Holding the CBD oil for less than 1 minute will still produce desired effects but not as effective as other methods.

Some people may face difficulties holding CBD under the tongue for up to 1 minute due to the unpleasant taste. For those who don’t like the taste of CBD oil, you can use other alternative cannabis compounds like CBC.

CBC oil is a cannabinoid like CBD, which is taken under the tongue. CBC can be used to manufacture tincture oils, topicals, edibles, vape cartridges, and more. It also provides similar health benefits like CBD. Understanding how to take CBC will give you insights into the effects of CBD oil since they are both similar compounds.

Bottom Line

The terms tinctures, and drops are often used interchangeably. These terms all refer to the liquid form of CBD that can be used in similar ways.Individuals prefer CBD tinctures and drops because they are quick-acting, offer greater bioavailability, and are very versatile than other methods.

Deciding to take CBD sublingually (under your tongue), edibles (infused into foods/beverages), or topically will lead to effective results. However, the only difference with each method will be in their onset time.