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Examples Of Businesses You Can Run from A Self-Storage Unit


If you’re running a small business from the comfort of your home, chances are that you’re struggling to make things work. The paperwork is on the sofa and marketing materials are lying on the kitchen tabletop. It’s time to make the move to a more professional location – like a self-storage unit. Make sure your home business doesn’t completely take over your property.

Several businesses are suited for working out of a storage facility. Self-storage units are affordable because they’re zoned. Since you don’t have the luxury of renting office space, it’s an option worth considering. Let’s take a look at some examples of businesses that can be based in a storage unit.

Online Seller

If you want to become an eBay or Amazon seller, you can use a cheap self storage unit to fulfil orders. There’s no point in cluttering up your home with all sorts of things. A storage facility is the best place to safely store your merchandise. You can accommodate books, toys, sporting goods, and so on. It might sound crazy, but a self-storage unit isn’t subject to business taxes and rent is a fraction of the price as compared to a warehouse.

With the great choice of unit sizes, you can store a couple of boxes or run larger operations, case in which you can set up shelving. Storage facilities are alarmed, not to mention that there are CCTV cameras. You benefit from extended hours, which means that you have access to the storage unit at any time. You’ll be able to honor customer requests.

Writing Business

So, you’re good with words. If writing comes naturally to you, freelance writing is a great business venture. Wearing your pajamas for days at an end and not brushing your teeth gets old after a while. Get out of the house to get some work done. Be prepared to work in a location like a storage unit. Since there’s no noise, let alone interruptions, you can focus on your writing and be productive. You’re able to work a few hours in a peaceful environment.

Car Spare Retailer

There are ample auto parts opportunities you can leverage. Not only do you need to source products for sale, but also find a place to store them. Car parts can deteriorate rapidly if they’re not properly stored. You can’t just keep them in the basement. The best course of action would be to store the spare car parts in a self-storage unit. The ventilation system will eliminate condensation, so the metal components won’t turn into a pile of rust.

You can find a suitable storage facility. Do some online research and, when you decide on a couple of options, visit the facilities. Take into account factors such as size, location, cost, temperature, safety and surveillance, and accessibility.

Photo Studio

With some simple adjustments, you can take professional photos in a storage unit. However, if you welcome clients to the facility, make sure they respect the rules. Getting back on topic, add a desk for your laptop and be ready to shoot. You can’t alter the original setting, so find a way to accommodate a range of backdrops.