Cutting through the noise – How barbers are helping customers through Covid fatigue

With Christmas 2021 approaching, we’ve all been hoping for better news when it comes to the COVID-19 pandemic. Last Christmas, we all muddled through the season without socialising or seeing loved ones and, although it was hard, we were spurred on by the fact that sticking to the rules meant that we could all enjoy a super special Christmas in 2021. Unfortunately, with numbers still running high, and now the emergence of the Omicron variant, the likelihood of getting the yuletide season we hoped for is less than certain.

Sick and tired

Although the main concern remains, the very real health risk posed by COVID-19, this ongoing situation is also, for many, taking a toll on mental health. As we approach the two year mark, a significant number of people are suffering from what we’ve come to know as Covid Fatigue. This presents as a form of depression suffered by people who have been key workers throughout the pandemic, as well as those who have been living in fear and isolation since March 2020. One industry which has become only too aware of Covid Fatigue is that of the hairdressing sector.  As with many businesses, hairdressers and barber salons were forced to close their doors during the New York lockdowns. Now that restrictions have lifted and salons are open, many owners and employees are turning their attention to helping their customers through difficult times. Salon employees like Wendy Chen from Queens are putting aside their own concerns – in Wendy’s case, a two bus commute to and from work, in order to help customers through Covid Fatigue.

Taking a bite out of loneliness in the big apple

Many sufferers of Covid Fatigue live alone, and the isolation and fear of COVID-19 has left them not knowing where to turn. A large number of barbers in New York – and salon employees like Wendy Chen – are committed to tackling this issue by offering a haven for people who need help, or just somebody to talk to. It’s long since been a thing that barbers and hairdressers provide more than just hair cuts – customers have always seen the barber shop as a safe space filled with friendly faces and a ready ear; in 2021, this is more important than ever. As the threat of further restrictions looms, New York barbers are determined to do everything they can to keep their salons open for those customers who so desperately need them, with many turning to Booksy to help them to do just that.

Trimming the sails

Booksy is a suite of booking and management tools for the hair and beauty industry which can help keep businesses running in the face of adversity. Founded in 2014, Booksy has over 17 million customers across the globe and offers salon owners a number of time- and money-saving features, including:

The booking appBooksy’s cell phone app lets customers book and manage their own appointments in just a few clicks; any time, any place. This is invaluable for salon owners whose time is freed up, allowing them to focus on their customers.

Paying it forward – Booksy’s payment and prepayment features allow barbers to request and receive payments directly through the app which helps to minimise hand to hand contact within a salon. Barbers are also able to adjust settings for payments, for example, offering discounts for customers who are elderly, vulnerable, or just short on cash. This is incredibly important as it allows the vital human connection that they need, even if they’re not able to pay for their appointment all in one go.

Salon management – As though the ongoing pandemic isn’t bad enough, a lot of barber shops have been experiencing staffing issues in 2021, making it even more difficult to keep the wheels turning. Booksy’s management features can lend a helping hand with a number of activities, including staff scheduling and accounting, as well as customer scheduling, to take into account distancing measures. Booksy also has some great marketing features, including email outreach, to save salon owners time and money on their vital promotional efforts.

Additionally, customer service is excellent. According to data from Number For Live Person, Booksy’s representatives are among the best out there. Furthermore, the app’s reputation is quite favorable.Brand24 conducted sentiment analysis on mentions of Booksy’s name and discovered that over 80% were positive.


With so many people suffering from Covid Fatigue, barber shops and hair salons really ought to be considered the fourth emergency service, as they provide company and comfort to those who may otherwise have none; something which is particularly important during the festive season. While salon owners may yet be facing some even tougher challenges, Booksy is in their corner to help them keep their doors – and their arms – open to their more vulnerable customers.

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