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Creating The Perfect Setting For Your Zoom Meeting


After years of having relatively few customization options for Zoom meetings, and particularly larger meetings, Immersive View was introduced as a feature in Zoom version 5.6.3. Find out how to use virtual backgrounds and Zoom Immersive View templates to create the perfect virtual setting for the next meeting you organize on Zoom.

Keep Your Meetings Professional

Every participant in a virtual meeting can appreciate virtual office backgrounds. For one thing, backgrounds eliminate many potential sources of distraction that could arise in your actual surroundings. Setting up a camera to face a blank wall or solid color surface is a big step toward preventing unintentional sightings on camera that could undermine your professionalism.

Home environments usually are, and should be, less professional than offices. Your residence serves different functions than a workplace, even if you work from home. Many remote workers come to prefer minimal Zoom backgrounds that keep the focus of other participants or spectators on the presenter and the substance of a meeting. You can boost the professional appearance of a large meeting conducted on Zoom by switching to Immersive View to arrange participants over a shared professional-looking background.

Make Your Meetings Unique

Changing backgrounds liven up a routine meeting or set a special gathering apart. The wide variety of backgrounds available in premium packages with one or more user licenses enable virtual office background users to stage meetings at offices around the world or meet in any style of office.

Spaces for Immersive View Zoom meetings are a newer feature, and may be more likely to stand out among meeting participants who are less familiar with the use of this perspective for virtual meetings. It is possible to arrange camera feeds of up to 25 meeting attendees automatically or manually in a background that resembles an open office space, meeting room, dining room, lounge, classroom or a movie theater.

Meet In Virtual Space

Conducting video calls and conferences in virtual space gives organizers more control over settings. The recent technology trend toward the metaverse makes Immersive View meetings a preview of what some innovators envision for online collaboration in the future. One-on-one video calls and smaller meetings can also benefit from using virtual office backgrounds, even though these backgrounds only affect the appearance of the participant who sets up a Google Meet virtual background mirror image, Microsoft Teams or Zoom background.

Meeting organizers may be able to achieve a stronger sense of continuity and shared space by providing employees with the licenses and resources necessary to use identical office backgrounds and logo files. Scenes for Immersive View resolve the need for individual backgrounds by situating every participant within a shared virtual space.

Whether your organization relies on Google Meet, Microsoft Teams or Zoom to stay connected, you can use virtual office backgrounds or mirror images to customize your background and display a business logo if desired. Immersive View is a Zoom feature, and templates to create scenes for meetings held in this viewing mode work on this platform.