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DAKO is readily classified as one of the world’s leading joinery service providers, with operations in both America and Japan. DAKO has successfully made an impact with its services in 51 countries across the world and will continue to do so. WE AT DAKO make it one of our top goals to produce a high-quality product or service that meets the needs of the customer because client happiness is our top priority. We not only create ideas, but we also put them into action by offering exquisitely designed and delicately carved wooden, aluminum, and vinyl items such as doors, garage doors, and windows. In quest of high-quality timber, we have established corporate offices in timber-rich nations and export our timber from there to develop and construct the finest goods. It is fairly easy for us to say that the offerings we provide in the contemporary society, neither one of our competing companies can outscore us or even meet our performance standards because we’re not just in this business to make money, we’re in it to persist, and we’re in it to thrive our way to the very top, which includes introducing the finest products in our portfolio at a reasonable rate that makes our identity as a firm stand out. Our teams work around the clock to fulfill our clients’ requirements, which mean that if we have to go the additional mile to satisfy those criteria as well, we will since, according to DAKO’s corporate standards, provide what the client wants and produce high-quality goods is always stressed. We at DAKO prefer to keep the atmosphere difficult so that our employees put in additional effort. Extra work at the office will undoubtedly result in a satisfied client, resulting in a better reputation for our company. This is who we are and what we want to be. To experience the peak of quality in the form of the best woodwork, contact us immediately and we guarantee you will not be disappointed.


DAKO is committed to offering great service, quality solutions, and a fulfilling experience for our esteemed customers, in addition to being a highly motivated and professional group. The company continuously creates enthralling methods that reflect the actual soul of joinery. We deliver value to our clients by providing joinery services that are renowned internationally, as well as through enhancing social impact. Our cutting-edge services provide those affected by conflict with the educational, professional, and social assistance they require to succeed. We’re not in it for the money; we’re in it to stick around and outperform. Our mission is to provide consumers all around the world with the best value in terms of quality, pricing, delivery, and innovation. We want to be renowned as an international center of excellence for woodworking services, no matter where our clients are in the globe. As a solid business partner, we can assure you of unrivalled services in every element of your business, which will undoubtedly set the worldwide standard in customer experience and business procedures for enterprises that require woodworking services.

As a worldwide corporation working across different time zones and nations, Integrity and Collaboration are critical. If you collaborate with us, your projects will stand out. We are the team you require.



Due to our skilled, qualified, and specialized craftsmen, the woodworking service we give will set you apart from the competitors. Throughout our existence, we have worked hard to preserve team relationships, increase our efficiency, and develop methods that have yielded exceptional outcomes. We have data-driven knowledge that allows us to address the requirements of customers to the maximum degree feasible. We may separate ourselves from our competition since we employ effective strategies. Furthermore, the client is one of the most crucial aspects of our business, thus we go above and beyond to gratify them. Our organization provides a wide range of crucial services meeting the requirements set by our clients. We excel at delivering high-quality results and ensuring complete customer satisfaction. Our main objective is not to make money, but to build a long-lasting reputation in joinery.Our constant and unrelenting efforts have developed a foundation of pleased consumers and a positive image of the DAKO brand, in addition to producing substantial rewards in every region in which we operate.

One of our competitive advantages is a full, seamless integration solution that comprises vinyl, wood, aluminum, and wood-aluminum windows, doors, garage doors, and external roller shutters. We also have a one-of-a-kind Harmony Line idea, which allows all aspects of the joinery to be harmonized with one another. IFT Rosenheim, Europe’s most distinguished research center, has awarded DAKO goods the Q-Zert accreditation. Because we are NFRC-accredited, we also comply with local legislation in the United States and Canada. A comprehensive program is one type of support that we can provide you, but things are more complicated than that.DAKO also provides branding assistance to its business partners. After joining the network, you may expect to get corporate event resources such as booklets and bulletins. In addition, we will mail you product catalogues. You don’t even need to worry about marketing because DAKO handles all conventional and digital advertising. We are not your typical joinery supplier who only sells to their partners. To meet the needs of your customers, your employees must keep their knowledge and skills up to date. We promise help in the form of regular trainings. The topics covered in the sessions range from sales to product understanding. As a business partner, you may also rely on marketing help. DAKO is in charge of both traditional and digital marketing campaigns. Aside from that, we provide you with items such as bulletins and catalogues.Do you want to become a B2B DAKO partner? Let’s chat about future collaboration. We may set up a meeting to discuss the nature of the collaboration and the expectations of your clientele.

If you want to learn more about our services and are convinced by what you’ve read, schedule an appointment now for the greatest joinery services.Reach out to discuss the details.