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Top Advantages of Data Sim Only Deals


Most mobile users in Singapore prefer to use the popular data sim-only deals for their mobile phones. A data-only sim plan only has data without the free texts or calls to provide internet connectivity while the users are moving. Most service providers allow for long or short contract payments.

It’s always the best alternative for those who prefer changing their phones from time to time as they provide the flexibility to do so. The main advantages of the data only sim plans include:

  1. It’s cost-effective

When choosing a data-only sim plan, you’re sure of getting a cheaper option for your data bundles. You’ve got the freedom to choose the package that suits you from the different packages the plans offer. You can pay for the package you feel will suit your usage and financial needs. If your usage exceeds the limit, the plan allows you to purchase more as it doesn’t limit the number of times you can make the purchases. Therefore, if you’re thinking about getting a cheaper data bundles option, this is the appropriate option.

  1. It provides flexibility

This data deal has short-term deals like a monthly deal that doesn’t tie customers to long-term contracts. Very few people will want to have a constant amount of money they spend on their data. Due to various circumstances, some may want to upgrade while others downgrade. The data plan will allow you to have monthly subscriptions to choose the packages that suit you. Lastly, the data deals also provide alternatives for heavy and little data users, and you can choose to switch between the levels of usage.

  1. Same great network

The data only sim plans usually come with great benefits, just like the other leading networks. You can enjoy full network coverage just like the other networks in Singapore. The service provider ensures that you can access the fastest internet speeds similar to those on different plans. The fast internet speed is essential to help you with faster downloads, browsing, and other internet services. Having this great network will come at little to no cost. Therefore, while using the data-only sim plan, you’re sure to get the value of every penny you’ve used.

  1. Retaining your existing number

Unlike when purchasing the other plans, you won’t have to change your number when buying this data deal. You won’t worry about having to start giving your clients, friends, or relatives your new number. When you submit a special request to your service provider, they can allow you to retain your current contact. The provider will furnish you with a specific Port Authorization Code, which you can use to contact your new data-only sim plan provider. After contacting them and providing the code, they’ll sort you out without changing your current number.

Wrapping it up

The popularity of using data only sim plans has grown over recent years in Singapore. Most individuals opt for this type of service because of the numerous benefits over the other data plans. If you want a cost-effective data plan that offers flexibility and provides a great network, then it‘ll be necessary to try this data deal.