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Spring Your Yard to Life With These Landscape Decor Ideas 


Even though the recent weather may have you believing otherwise, spring is really here! It’s time to change out your wardrobe, plan your spring travels, and wipe off the winter fog. If traveling isn’t on the cards yet, why not create your outdoor spaces into destinations themselves? 

Use Landscape Lighting to Get Your Home Party Ready

If entertaining, hosting, and having people enjoy a party at your home is one of the ways you like to unwind, then your yard is your best friend. Deck up your outdoor space with landscape lighting to wow your guests and give your home an entirely new look. While landscape lighting is available in different styles, from the most flamboyant to the very subtle, we suggest mixing it up for maximum effect. 

Use path lights to guide your guests to the entrance of your home, string bistro lights around your outdoor eating area to add charm, install accent lights to create a mood. Landscape lighting is one of the easiest ways to get your home party-ready. Yes, even turning the lights on and off in the different areas of your home is as easy as a pie! You can easily schedule your landscape lights to go on and off at a certain time, or even change color, brightness, and temperate using a landscape lighting transformer. These smart gadgets are easy to install and can be controlled using a smartphone app. Landscape lighting has never been so convenient, and entertaining has never looked so attractive.

Double Your Covered Patio as an Outdoor Game Space

What’s better than hanging out with friends in your backyard? Hanging out with friends in your backyard while indulging in outdoor games! If low-key get-togethers with your loved ones give you energy, we hear you. There are few things as invigorating as enjoying a beautiful day outside, eating and drinking with friends while also having a chance to exercise your play muscles. 

If you have a covered patio or pergola, consider setting up a pool table or ping pong table outside.There will be ample space to move around and your friends who aren’t joining in the game can always join in cheering you. If space is a luxury, don’t fret! Games such as jenga or corn ball require a very small area, but they deliver big fun. Set these up in your yard and you have your own outdoor entertainment zone.  

Create Different Sections in Your Yard

What better way to welcome spring than to spend as much time as possible in your outdoor space! If you have a big backyard, consider breaking it up into different sections each with its own unique vibe. Create an intimate conversation corner with comfortable chairs around a fire pit. Place wicker furniture under a covered section to play the proper host. Add a simple, contemporary table in your yard to use as an informal dining area. Set up a glamping corner if you have a family (or even if it’s just you and your dog). Not only is this fun for everyone, it’s also a good way to break up the monotony of everyday life. Set up a comfortable tent with a mattress, add a few pieces of camping furniture, bring some lighting, maybe create a fire pit, and voilà, you now have a camping retreat without actually leaving your home! 

Being outdoors is one of the best and easiest ways to connect with your friends and family and get in touch with yourself. Use these landscape decor ideas to create a space you want to spend time in.