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How To Fix Annoying Issues That Come with Living in A Tiny Place


Living in a small place is debilitating at times. The family doesn’t fit around the table, only small sofas are allowed, sharing bedrooms is common, and general happiness and well-being are at risk. Whether you’re cramped with your loved ones in a small house or living in a studio apartment, there’s not enough room for comfortable living. Trying to fit everything in and look cute is a real challenge. The good news is that there are clever solutions to those obstacles that make living impossible. Follow these tips and tricks to organize your home.

Build Open Shelves to Create a Customized Drop Zone

If you don’t have closet space, entryway storage is anything but simple. To make up for the lack of entryway storage, equip the space with open shelves to create a drop zone that works for you and your family members. Open shelves add beauty and, as opposed to some décor items, work well in many spaces, including the kitchens, bathrooms, and bedrooms. Use solid wood boards as shelves. They’re not typically shelving, but if the planks are the right size and shape, you can turn them into shelves. Use bins or baskets and bins to sort the belongings of your loved ones.

Stock Up on Catch-All Baskets

If you’re short on space, invest in catch-all baskets. Placed in the entryway, they can catch all your shoes, coats, and jackets. Better yet, you can place the baskets in the bathroom and store your towels and washcloths. Catch-all baskets are so practical that you can slide them under the bed. You can stylishly organize any space in the home. The baskets come in a wide array of styles, sizes, and materials, meaning that you can integrate them into the décor without much effort. Try storing coffee table books or photo albums next to the baskets. Hanging plants in baskets is also common.

Rent A Storage Unit

Not all items are worth storing in plain view. If you want to maintain a clean look, get your stuff out of the way. Look into self storage for rent and move your things over. It’s better to leave your belongings in a storage facility than try to find space at home. Take into account eh convenience of the location, overall quality and cleanliness, not to mention security features. Self storage is an art and a science. Do things the right way and avoid stacks of boxes, which can fall over and hurt you. Fill up the entire space, but not with heavy items. Placing your belongings in plastic bags might seem like a good idea. It’s not, as the bags will attract mildew.

Opt For Convertible Furniture

Finally, yet importantly, incorporate furniture that can be easily converted for different use. It can be very useful when it comes to saving space. A table can immediately transform into a desk or a console. Whenever you want to free up floor space or make your living areas more flexible, opt for game-changer designs as far as furniture is concerned. Embrace multifunctional furnishings and make your small space seem larger.