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How Eco Friendly Companies are Facilitating Sustainability?


Every year the rate of global temperature is increasing. All the world’s major cities are suffering from air pollution. The major contributors are the companies that run on fossil fuels. To check all this every year on the day of 22nd April is observed as earth day. On this day, people all around the world are taught about environmental awareness. These little steps toward sustainability can make the planet a better place for future generations. There should be a motto of green and clean earth for the generations to come.

Path to Sustainability

The emission a company produces in the environment can impact the planet on different levels. Waste produced by a company can cause a waste crisis. This can impact the land by leaching, littering and oil spilling, etc. Most companies generate waste which contributes to climate change.

Sustainability is a unique concept that can inverse climate change and its effect on the environment. This concept should be implemented in every major and minor company to check the carbon footprint. This process will also help to encourage other eco-friendly companies who are trying to adopt the idea of sustainability and through this hopefully reverse or slow down the effect of climate change.

Advantages of Adopting Sustainability

  • In the long run, all the companies should change themselves into eco-friendly companies. It is a fact that the use of fossil fuel as a source of energy is not only harmful to the environment but also costly. The use of green energy in the company can save money.
  • The harsh condition in an industry can affect the health of the employee. This can affect the functionality of the company. Adopting green energy all causes problems for the employees can be neglected.
  • Eco-friendly companies should recycle the waste that is generated within the company. After the advancement of technology, this process becomes cost-effective. This will help the company-built reputation of being eco-friendly, which will attract more people to it. It will help to grow the company financially and morally.
  • Protect the biodiversity from getting damaged. All the flora and fauna are an integral part of our ecosystem that helps in creating a healthier planet. All this can be done by implementing sustainability by companies.

Role of Companies towards Sustainability

Establishing a sustainable company can help in reducing carbon footprint. This will lead the organization to shape the future of the work culture of the company and will impact both socially and environmentally.

The eco-friendly business model has various benefits and the step towards sustainability can be achieved in the following ways.

  • Restructuring the Supply Chain:

Based on some independent research, most of the carbon is produced in the supply chain. This impacts the environment such as, from the transportation of raw materials to finished products reaching the market. All this can be avoided by adopting new eco-friendly technologies such as digitalizing the whole system and using AI and use of green fuel during the production of goods.

  • Promote Collaboration Rather than Competition:

To restore the balance in the ecosystem, companies need to promote collaboration. This will stop the completion between companies to produce more and more goods. This idea will promote sustainability and bring a behavioral shift toward society and organization.

  • Analyzing the Carbon Footprint:

A company run on a constant supply of electricity, due to a lack of alternatives companies are bound to use the energy produced by fossil fuels. Green energy should be used as an alternative to reduce the carbon footprint. Green energy includes solar panels, windmills, hydro energy, coastal areas tidal energy, etc.

  • Promoting Conscious Consumerism:

Conscious consumerism is the sense and behavior of a consumer in which he/she should think about the environment before buying any product from the market. In this, a consumer should search for environmentally friendly alternatives. This is a model in a form of business that promotes environmental awareness.