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Four pros and cons of Desk booking solutions


As flexible workspaces become more widely adopted, we will witness the growing importance of technologies leading to optimization in the workspace. As new trends show, technologies such as desk booking solutions are becoming the norm.

A desk booking solution is one of the easiest ways to manage your hybrid workspace. The introduction of software for fixed reservations offers significant advantages. Most of the booking system showcases features like contact tracing.

In this blog, let’s look at what a desk booking solution is and its main benefits in a hybrid workshop.

What is a Desk booking solution?

A desk booking solution is sophisticated software that allows employees to book spaces and reserve desks when they visit the office. Employees can use similar software to reserve desks based on proximity to co-workers or necessary amenities.

A desk booking software primarily includes two concepts- desk hoteling and hot-desking. With hoteling, employees can reserve desks in advance. For hot desks, employees can use a QR code to register at a physical desk in the office.

For managers, they can maintain work order and maximize space utilization. They can ensure a safe distance between employees and manage desks in a hybrid workplace better.

A desk booking solution helps you get data unobtrusively, ultimately helping to optimize their workspace. You can take a look at your staff booking practices and learn more about their requirements.

For example, if you have a desk that is reserved twice compared to a desk that has never been booked, the facility manager can reduce the number of tables and better use the space.

The implementation possibilities of the desk booking systems are vast. Let’s take a look at the four advantages and disadvantages of desk booking solutions.

Advantages of a Desk Booking Software

 1. Saves time

 Employees spend more than 5 minutes a day finding the perfect desk. But with hybrid workplaces that offer better productivity, a desk booking solution can save you a lot of time. Save time by booking a desk before your staff arrives at the office.

You don’t have to look for a desk if you know where you are sitting and how long you have reserved it for. 

  1. Optimize your office space usage

 Desk booking solution allows employees to select alternative options. So if you don’t have a preferred seat, you can order a similar desk nearby.

This contributes to the efficient use of available office space. It also reduces the chance of desk downtime.

Facilities managers also have the opportunity to realize the ideal desk-to-employee ratio of 1:4. 

  1. Office occupancy compliance made easier

 With social distancing protocols still in place, occupancy in the office is a priority. As floor plans get revised, desk booking software can simplify the process and improve the results.

Managers can limit occupancy and implement social distancing guidelines by making some desks off-limits or unavailable. 

  1. Real-time analytics and reports

 The best desk booking solution like WorkInSync provides data that gives you real-time visibility into your workspace.

Each desk booking data recorded by the desk booking solution can make informed space management decisions.

Disadvantages of Desking booking solution 

  1. Hard to Find the Desk of your liking:

It can be challenging to find a table at times, and people often make reservations ahead of time just to be on the safe side. If an employee decides to visit the office, they must reserve their preferred table at the desired time and place ahead of time.

  1. Collaboration can be challenging:

Sometimes it can be hard to find your teammate when you want to discuss something with them. If desk booking solutions aren’t properly managed from the start, collaborating with co-workers can be difficult.

  1. Need for staying up to date on the latest technology:

If you decide to use desk booking software, you may have to be equipped with all the latest hardware and software to run the system properly. If you have a low budget, it may become difficult to manage the transitions and other essential business expenses.

  1. Finding a solution that fits your needs:

Desk booking software features may and may not be suitable for every existing business role or profile. This may look like an excellent fit for some functions, while for others, it may not. A better approach may be to have a hybrid system to book the desks for the employees.

Some roles may work correctly with a traditional dedicated setup, while others may work best with modern desk booking software or systems.

In conclusion

 Desk booking solutions can offer an array of opportunities. It holds power to establish a hybrid workplace. By adopting a desk booking solution, you can bring order to the office and optimize them to perform better.

WorkInSync is one of the leading desk booking software. It includes an array of features that allows employees to get their desired flexibility. For managers, the administration of a hybrid workplace becomes easier.