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Are Bluetooth motorcycle helmets safe and legal?


The world is becoming diverse, and there is a need to communicate all the time. Many motor vehicles are fitted with a sound system and GPS navigator making it easy to communicate with other people while driving.

This triggered the manufacturers of the motorcycle helmets to integrate their helmets by fitting them with Bluetooth headsets for easy communication between the riders while navigating the road.

The Bluetooth headsets can be connected rider to rider or rider and their mobile phones. Once the rider connects the Bluetooth headset to their mobile phones, they are alerted of the incoming calls; they can listen to their favorite playlist or even receive navigation instructions making it easy to know the directions of the roads.

The Bluetooth headset that has brought hands-free connectivity is very important since it helps the rider remain focused on the road. It is very scary to see riders riding at higher speeds using one hand and operating their mobile phones using the other hand.

Despite it being a necessity, the first question that every rider needs to ask is that are they safe? Are there any risks associated with wearing these helmets?

The Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets are also the safest helmets available in the market currently. They are DOT certified since they meet and exceed the safety requirement.

However, the governments are now focusing more on motorcycle riders and their precautions for helmet usage while riding.

With the modernization picking up in most states, riding a motorcycle while wearing helmets cooperated with Bluetooth headsets is becoming the norm. This has brought many discussions and arguments about whether this is safe for the riders.

Many people like listening to music while driving their vehicle, and listening to musing while riding the motorbike is a similar experience. The government has legalized listening to music using Bluetooth headsets, since it is also reliable.

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Pros and Cons of using Bluetooth motorcycle helmet

The best way to determine if using Bluetooth helmets are more secure and reliable is by weighing their pros and cons and seeing which one is in your favor.

Pros of Bluetooth Motorcycle helmets

  • The Bluetooth helmets are fitted with an intercom system that allows communication with other motorcycle riders and this helps one know what is happening on the road and thus remain focused.
  • The Bluetooth helmets allow riders to connect it with their mobile phones to listen to their favorite playlist or navigate to the radio and enjoy their best channel. This helps keep the riders’ brains engaged, thus making them more active on the road.
  • Riding a motorcycle is a recreational activity intended to bring more fun and help them with mental relaxation. Therefore, adding music to the adventures doubles the pleasure, and if one is bored, it rejuvenates their mood.
  • The Bluetooth intercom system makes it easy to keep in touch with other riders. If you get lost, it becomes easy to be given directions by your colleagues. Also, if you run into problems, you can quickly call your teammates and seek assistance.
  • The riders with a poor sense of direction should never lack a Bluetooth helmet. To be more specific, if they are going for long-distance travel or navigating unfamiliar places, navigation should be a priority to prevent you from getting lost. The era where people used to remove paper maps is gone, and today just with a voice command, you can instruct Google Maps to help you find the right direction.
  • Bluetooth helmets are more secured and contribute to traffic safety to some extent. Imagine riding at high speed on a highway, then getting an incoming call, immediately pulling out your phone could be very chaotic and might result in accidents. In addition, staring at your mobile phone is ethically immoral and exposes the rider to the risks of fatal accidents.

Therefore, with the audio command system that comes fitted in this Bluetooth helmet, it is easy to read messages, receive incoming calls, and terminate calls.

 Cons of Bluetooth helmets

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To understand if these helmets are more secured, you need to consider their limitations. No piece of technologyis 100% flawless, so; you need to be prepared to come across issues once in a while, although they occur on rare occasions. Below are some of its drawbacks:


The most common problem with this helmet is the loss of connectivity. Their intercom system is always fitted with the short-range transmission, which is very vulnerable under certain circumstances to lose their connection.

Sometimes the riders might decide to go off-road in the rural areas or in the rugged terrains where there is no stable connection. In the rugged landscapes, the twisted carvings of the roads are likely to make the helmet loseits signals.

Also, when it comes to communication between riders, there is a limited range that they need to maintain for effective communication; this makes it more unreliable.

Battery life

Bluetooth consumes a lot of power, and since one will have connected their mobile phones to it, it will be draining their phones’ charge.

The helmet cannot hold a charge for long durations, and one is needed to be charging them regularly. The more time you use it for GPS navigation and streaming music, the more it drains charge; therefore, they become unreliable if one is in for a long-distance ride.


Technology has been said in terms of distraction; it can cause more harm than benefits if it is not used correctly. Take music, for example, it is intended to bring more pleasure and fun, but when you use high volumes, it will block all the surrounding noises, which is quite hazardous.

This will raise the chances of accidents occurring since one might ignore the traffic regulation rules or even end up ignoring urgent sirens like the ones for ambulances and firefighters, exposing them to more risks and dangers.


Thesafety of a motorcycle helmet is a significant concern, especially when the figures of accidents caused by motorbikes are escalating. Therefore, riders are expected to be having sturdy and durable helmets.

The majority of people argue that Bluetooth helmets have done more harm than good. It is undeniable that it has been a contributory factor to the accidents in certain instances.

However, according to MotoFolder, the risk is minimal and when used with road safety precautions, there will be no accidents emanating from it.

Meanwhile, integrating Bluetooth technology into helmets is a great achievement.