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Applications for Anti-Vibration Mounts


Anti-vibration mounts are a great way to reduce noise in your home or office. There are two types of anti-vibration mounts available today are rubber and plastic, each having its pros and cons relative to sound quality versus vibration reduction performance. Rubber mountings offer the best possible sound quality while minimizing vibration transmission, whereas plastics provide better vibration dampening than rubbers at the expense of some acoustic degradation. These mounts can be used for many different purposes:

Applications for Anti-Vibration Mounts

1) Home theater

Set up your home entertainment system on some anti-vibration mounts. You’ll avoid waking the neighbors, which is always a plus. And, depending on how loud your entertainment system is, you may not have to worry about hearing annoying sounds outside of the room. For more ideas you may visit this site https://www.pharmchem.com.sg/anti-vibration-mounting/.

2) Video game consoles

If you don’t want to wake up in another room when playing video games late in the evening, anti-vibration mounts are what you need. You can glide through your favorite video games without having to worry about waking up the rest of the household or making a racket that disturbs everyone else’s sleep.

3) HDTVs and computer monitors

You might already know how easy it is to shake HDTVs and computer screens when you bump into them accidentally (or on purpose if you’re trying to get the neighbor’s attention). Get anti-vibration mounts to keep your screens in place.

4) Home office

You can use anti-vibration mounts at home when working or studying. Keep all tools securely in place, which will allow you to work efficiently and fast without worrying about making a mess.

5) Kitchen

You can keep anti-vibration mounts with your kitchen tools. Just put them in the corner of the room where you prepare food, and they’ll help you with all small appliances that are prone to vibration. They’re also helpful when you’re mixing ingredients for meals or beverages.

6) Exercise and sports

Whether exercising at home or playing a sport with your friends, anti-vibration mounts can provide stability and prevent the equipment from moving. This will allow you to focus on what’s essential – performing well during your favorite exercise routine or winning the game!

7) Nursery

Applications for Anti-Vibration Mounts

If you live near a busy street or you want to protect your baby from loud sounds, anti-vibration mounts are just what you need. Place them under the crib and other furniture pieces that resonate when exposed to noise.

8) Travel and vacations

Keep your luggage stable with anti-vibration mounts. Attach them to whatever you’re going to put inside – from a suitcase, backpack, makeup kit, etc. – and feel the difference at home! Vibrations will not affect your stuff anymore.


If you’re looking for a way to reduce vibration in your car, then anti-vibration mounts are an excellent option. These mounts can help prevent the transfer of vibrations from one part of the vehicle to another. This is especially helpful if you have equipment mounted on top or below your car that could be susceptible to this type of movement. It’s essential to have a vibration-free workplace environment. One way of doing this is by using anti-vibration mounts when mounting equipment on your desks or cubicles.