Your next drink may be more expensive

Another reason to worry about inflation is the high cost of producing wine, beer and spirits.

According to government data, some vineyards, breweries and distilleries have so far absorbed these costs, and alcoholic beverage prices are rising more slowly than other consumer goods. I am. Analysts warn that it may not last long.

Cardboard packaging, beer can aluminum, labels, transportation and energy costs are all rising.It’s part of Wider burst of inflation As the economy recovered from the Covid-19 blockade, it hit many industries in the developed world.

Earlier this year, Cris Steller began receiving emails from suppliers warning California distilleries to prepare for price increases. These costs have arrived, but for now, Stellar’s Amador & Dry Digging Distillery is refraining from raising prices for rum, gin and whiskey.

“Resetting the price fixes the price and is difficult to give to the customer,” he said. “We need to decide if this is temporary or permanent … how much can we absorb?” Spirit bottle pallet shipping rose from $ 590 last year to $ 905, he said. Added.

Your next drink may be more expensive

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