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“Your election is fake”: Giuliani tells Pennsylvania “I really know the scammers” in Gettysburg

Despite telling federal judges that they were “not a fraud case,” the 76-year-old former Mayor of New York complained to a series of Pennsylvania residents about fraud, cheers and hoops, and occasional sharp ingestion. Breath from a crowd of stubborn pro playing cards.

It was unclear why he did not present their testimony in court, when he had the opportunity, or whether he intended.

Giuliani told the Senate Majority Policy Committee in Gettysburg that the elections were seriously irregular. This was especially true in Allegheny County, which surrounds Philadelphia and Pittsburgh.

“Your elections are fake for these two counties, and perhaps another,” Giuliani told people gathered at the Wyndham Hotel.

Former federal prosecutors laughed at the crowd, saying they knew “scammers,” and accused election officials of deliberately fraudulent elections.

The hearing was considered a farce designed to confuse and offend Trump supporters, but with little real effect and no background or support for the accusation.

On Monday, Pennsylvania approved the vote. This means that the process has ended. Biden beat the state with 80,555 votes.

“President Trump has exhausted all plausible legal options to challenge the outcome of the Pennsylvania presidential election,” Pennsylvania Republican Senator Pat Toomey follows in a court ruling over the weekend. Said in a statement.

Giuliani claimed there was a fraud.

He claimed that the 682,770 mail votes entered in Allegheny County and Philadelphia were “not observed by a single Republican.”

“They may have come from the same person,” he said. “There could have been multiples, and they didn’t have names.

“Under the laws of your state, those votes are illegal.”

Giuliani mentioned a court hearing on November 17 in Williamsport, Pennsylvania. It was discussed in front of a federal judge for the first time in almost 30 years and was accused of trying to deprive millions of voters.

“We don’t want to deprive anyone of their rights,” he said. “We want to disqualify 682,000 votes, so 72 million people will not be deprived of their rights.”

Giuliani said 22,686 mail ballots were returned on the day they were mailed.

He said 32,591 were returned the day after they were mailed and “20,000 were returned before they were mailed.”

“And I think this is a fair number. I think Philadelphia scammers are a little disappointed with this, but the dead vote was 8,021.”

Giuliani told Republican committees that there was a problem with mail voting, an important element of the Trump administration’s legal debate.

“The mail votes received were not inspected by Republicans at all. They were hidden from Republicans,” he said.

But he said, “I couldn’t be completely sure.”

“In your state, Republicans were uniformly locked out. They put in a cow-like shoot and kept them away.”

He said it happened in a “highly controlled Democratic city.”

“How likely are they to always wake up with the same idea? Don’t allow Republicans to see them, or it’s likely that this was a plan.

“It gives you a much more margin to cheat. When you have 2.5 million, you have a much wider range to cheat.”

He once again expressed surprise that Mr. Trump was at the forefront when he fell asleep, but that the lead had evaporated.

“What is the probability that they all switched overnight? They switched by the next day.”

The pendulum was swung in favor of Mr. Biden as more Democrats voted by mail than Republicans, the leads evaporated, and their votes were counted slowly.

Giuliani introduced a series of Republican voting observers and observers. They claimed that the vote went missing, the voting observer was too far from the voting counter, and the USB stick was mysteriously missing.

“I didn’t see a safe and transparent election,” said Justin Kwedder, a Philadelphia attorney who oversaw pollsters.

“There are great concerns about the legitimacy of the hundreds of thousands of votes cast in Pennsylvania.”

Another pollster, Greg Stenstrom, said 47 USB cards were missing in Delaware County.

“As a computer scientist, American, and patriot, it doesn’t matter who those votes were for. It was shocking to me that it could even happen,” he said.

“There is no cure for this, no cure for it. I do not believe it as a citizen and an observer. Anyone can prove this with a conscience.”

No one was called in to provide an explanation of what they were witnessing or to explain what the protocol should be.

“Your election is fake”: Giuliani tells Pennsylvania “I really know the scammers” in Gettysburg

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