Young, Hutchinson, Pickett and Stroud were selected as finalists for the Heisman Trophy

Bryce Young of the Alabama quarterback, Aidan Hutchinson of the Michigan defensive end, Kenny Pickett of the Pittsburgh quarterback and CJ Stroud of the Ohio state quarterback were announced on Monday as finalists of the Heissman trophy.

Heisman was announced in New York on Saturday and will return to its normal routine and date after being postponed and forced to virtualize due to last year’s pandemic.

It took a while for Heisman’s front runners to appear, and after the 2021 season, when the race seemed to be widespread in November, Young closed tightly and became a favorite.

The sophomore led a touchdown drive that tied a 97-yard game to rival Auburn two weeks ago, helping Crimson Tydraly win the Iron Bowl in overtime.

Young then broke the record for the Southeastern Conference championship game on Saturday with a 421-yard victory over Georgia’s proud defense. Young threw 4,322 yards, 43 touchdowns and just four intercepts this season, leading top-ranked Crimson Tide to the College Football Playoff.

Following Heisman finalists Mac Jones and Tua Tagovailoa, Young has spent his first season as Alabama’s first quarterback, but he is clearly not the best player on his team. There can be controversy.

Will Anderson Jr. appeared to be Tide’s top Heisman candidate until Young played against Georgia. The sophomore outside linebacker lost 31.5 and led the nation with a sack at 15.5, but wasn’t invited to New York.

Michigan State University has repelled Kenneth Walker III, who is in a hurry at 136 yards per game with 19 touchdowns. The Wake Forest transfer jumped to the top of the Heisman Trophy list after recording five touchdowns with the 11th-place Spartan victory over Michigan on October 30th.

Kenny Pickett
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Young may win Alabama’s fourth Heisman Trophy twice in a row, but this is his first quarterback.

Last year, tide receiver DeVonta Smith won the Heisman Trophy. Smith defeated four consecutive quarterback wins in a row to beat Heisman. Since 2000, 17 quarterbacks have won trophies. Among the non-quarterback winners are Alabama’s running backs Mark Ingram (2009) and Derrick Henry (2015).

Hutchinson will be the first Heisman Trophy-winning defensive player since Charles Woodson at the University of Michigan in 1997. Woodson was also the last Heisman Trophy winner at the University of Michigan.

The last Michigan player to become a Heisman finalist also defended, though not exclusively. Defensive back Jabril Peppers launched an attack and returned a kick when they finished fifth in the 2016 poll.

Hutchinson is one of the best 14 bags of pass slashers in the country. Senior led the second Michigan to his first playoffs as a Big Ten Champion, helping his rival to finish eight consecutive losses to Ohio.

Pickett returned to the pits in the fifth season in 2021 and celebrated a record year with NCAA qualifications that survived the 2020 pandemic. Pickett passed 4,319 yards and stopped the school mark with 42 touchdowns, leading the 13th-placed Panthers to the title of the first Atlantic Coast Conference.

The last pit player to become a Heisman finalist was receiver Larry Fitzgerald in 2003.

Stroud completed 71% of the pass with 3,862 yards, 38 touchdowns and 5 intercepts, with the 7th place Backeyes finishing 10-2 in his first season as a starter.

He is the Ohio State University for the third consecutive year, starting quarterbacks, becoming a Heisman finalist, and joining Justin Fields (2019) and Dwayne Haskins (2018).

Young, Hutchinson, Pickett and Stroud were selected as finalists for the Heisman Trophy

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