Yaya DaCosta was inspired by her stylist for her new drama

Yaya DaCosta starred as Angela Vaughn, a hair care entrepreneur in Fox’s new soap opera “People of Our Kind,” and she was inspired by longtime hair stylist Kioma Valcourt.

“Joke, but seriously. She’s a real Angela Bourne. To be honest, when I first read the script, I immediately thought of her. And she was my style at the show. Thank you for making this, “38-year-old Dacosta told the post over the phone from North Carolina. She is currently filming the show.

“Especially for teenage daughters, we don’t see enough realistic intimacy between mother and daughter,” she said. “It was important for me to show that Angela was taking care of her daughter, and those are the qualities I see in Kioma. [in her life].. So going to the trailer and getting her to do my hair and make me feel like I’m in a world we understand was a wonderful memory every day. “

Produced by Exec Lee Daniels Created by Karin Gist (“Grey’s Anatomy”), “People of Our Kind” (Tuesday 9 pm) is a Boston-born single mother and entrepreneur Angela Vaughn moving to Oak Bluffs, Massachusetts. Continue to (Dakosta). Martha’s Vineyard Island Her late mother is flooded with an elite and wealthy African-American family who once worked as a maid — with her teenage daughter Nikki (Alana Bright) and her aunt Patricia (Devi Morgan). ..

Yaya DaCosta
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“Many etiquette and styles at the event [on the show] Dakosta, who grew up in Harlem, said: “I found it not only interesting, but also empowering-because this is the western world. We were pushed Centuries ago. So these were the ways people found that they could navigate it and feel empowered by doing so. “

As she gets used to life in this fascinating upper crust world, Angela discovers secrets about her deceased mother’s past and rivals such as Ria Franklin Dupont (Nadine Ellis) and her husband Raymond (Morris Chestnut). And meet a new flame, a local businessman Tyrick (Lance). It’s all inspired by books, “People of our Kind: Inside the American Black Upper Class” By Lawrence Otis Graham.

“I bought a book as soon as I got a job,” she said. “Being inspired by something means that it’s not a carbon copy. So anyone who really loves this book will see the show and see some similarities, but you I’m not going to look at the book. As long as people understand it and give us the space to take them on our journey set in this place, I think it will all be beautifully together. . “

Dakosta, who played Whitney Houston (Lifetime’s 2015 movie “Whitney”) and starred in NBC’s “Chicago Med,” has appeared as an experience in the world of beauty at the show since Angela won second place in Cycle 3. Did. “American runner-up model”

“I really believe that all the experiences I have had in my personal and professional life have somehow prepared me for this moment,” she said.

For example, I quoted when I was given a yearbook saying “the most hairstyles in my grade” when I was in high school, but in the future, “the attachment to hair when I was young will actually help”. I did not know. “M on the set,” she said. “You don’t have to zoom in on the body double to put your hand in someone’s hair and actually turn the corner, because I do.”

Yaya DaCosta was inspired by her stylist for her new drama

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