Yankees, White Sox make their own “Field of Dreams” sequel

Dyersville, Iowa — The first thing that caught my eye was the wooden bleachers. A seat created by Terence Man to convey the soliloquy “people are coming”. From there, the young Karin Kinsella quickly collapses and needs the services of Dr. Graham, Archibald “Moonlight”, to save her life — transforming from a teenager to an elderly person.

“They are original,” Tom Mietzel, CEO of Go the Distance, who runs the facility, assured The Post later in the telephone interview. The same is true for the farmers behind it.

Probably if you haven’t seen it for some reason 1989 movie “Field of Dreams” Or, if you look at it and it wasn’t your bag for some reason, then step into these reasons-let’s admit it in the movie set-your geek won’t ride. The idea of ​​hosting a real Major League Baseball game here may give a cheesy impression.

But what if you were one of the myriad of people who accepted the movie’s hope and redemption message and cried at the ending? Then Thursday night, the Yankees and the White Sox play at the pop-up stadium next to the diamonds in the original movie — naturally through a cornfield — Acts as a real sequel Similar to the fictional original. That’s because holding a regular season baseball contest on a lively farmland in a vacuum isn’t as ridiculous as a ghostball player coming out of a cornfield.

“These things make a lot of sense when you can suppress dreams and memories from a movie,” said Paul O’Neill, an analyst at YES Network (and, of course, the former Yankees). “It’s a great idea. It’s very cool.”

“I never imagined they would play a major league match there,” said actor Dwier Brown, who played John Kinsella in the movie.

Brown joins his movie son, movie star Kevin Costner, at a pre-game festival that definitely doesn’t prevent milking the most popular elements of the movie. Fans enter the premises via the original field, a tourist destination since the movie’s release and success, and pass through the corn for the Yankees-White Sox game. These corn stalks grown by MLB are as high as 12 feet and can be seen through the mesh on the right wing wall. Don’t be surprised if you use corn as an entry point yourself, just like your fictional opponent.

The Yankees-White Sox Field of Dreams game's new MLB field in Dyersville, Iowa.
The Yankees-White Sox Field of Dreams game’s new MLB field in Dyersville, Iowa.

MLB spent more than $ 5 million on the construction and maintenance of a temporary stadium that started last year, but COVID-19 only caused a one-year postponement. Murray Cook, a former Yankees general manager who specializes in helping baseball attend these events, said he used the 2019 Yankees-Red Sox London series backstops and bullpen seats. .. The stand has 7,911 fans along with Iowans. You can access about 2,500 of them.

Chris Marinac, Chief Operating Officer and Strategy Officer of MLB, said: “It’s one in Omaha and Fort Bragg, and it’s the first game in Iowa. It feels special because the movie itself was a very attractive movie. Even non-baseball fans, that movie. I love the movie because of its message and storytelling of the movie. ”

It only grows soybeans in addition to corn, making the site more attractive to remain an active farm. Joe and Catherine Lansing bought it in 1906 — the barn is believed to return around 1860 — and started a family there, but poor Catherine was a 1918 Spanish flu pandemic (the circle of life). Died during), and Joe’s grandson Donnie ran the farm in the late 1980s when Sleidel, a volunteer at the Iowa Film Office, offered him an idea. Universal Studios wanted to shoot a movie on his land. It was big enough to build a baseball stadium.

Famous aerial photography "Field of Dreams" In Dyersville, Iowa.
An aerial photograph of the famous “Field of Dreams” in Dyersville, Iowa.
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“He looked at her for a moment and wondered,’Boy, is she crazy or what?'” Said Don’s wife, Becky Lansing.

She wasn’t, of course. The studio did some construction to make the house more film crew friendly, knocked down some walls (the house scene was actually shot there), and Don Lansing told the Hollywood people. I moved to a nearby trailer to get them to do it. When the film connected with the masses, Lansings held the field and turned it into a tourist attraction.

“In the first year, we recorded about 5,000 people,” said Becky Lansing. “The size continued to double from 5 to 10. [thousand], 15, 30, 40, 50. ”

An overview of the Field of Dreams House.
An overview of the Field of Dreams House.
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Other Iowans saw even greater potential in the land in the people’s thirst for connecting with the film. In 2012, Lansings sold to a consortium of investors (called Go the Distance) led by Dennis Stillman, who envisioned turning the field into a hotbed for youth baseball tournaments. ). Stillman thought that the igniter of the plan would be to host a Major League Baseball game there.

“The Field of Dreams isn’t as much a baseball stadium as emotions,” said Mitzel, who married Stillman in 2016. “It’s a gathering place for family and friends. That’s how she rolled into it.”

But when Stillman got involved with MLB officials about this wildcard idea, she got liver cancer in April 2017. She died in November 2018, and just a few months later, MLB and Goza Distance completed a contract to hold the Yankees White. Socks game there.

A year later, the Yankees and White Sox will play at Iowa this week.
A year later, the Yankees and White Sox will play at Iowa this week.
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“Much of what we do here is her vision,” Mietzel said. “This was her dream.”

And for Lansings, whose family has lived and worked here for over 100 years, “The emotions behind the move are a pretty strong bond for us. Most people make it a mecca for baseball and many other things. “I see it,” said Becky Lansing. “We have the additional honor of having it as a family heritage. I now hope it is safe in the history books of the social structure of our country. ”

Boosted by the presence of MLB here, the Field of Dreams should welcome more than 200,000 visitors this year and will raise the funds needed to put Stillman’s full plan into action. Optimistic views are growing.

Whether the game will be a temporary MLB game or the beginning of a tradition, Marinak said: Obviously, maintaining the fields and replanting the corn is a daunting task. You need to ask if this is a one-time experience or if you can do something more. I will understand it later this week.

MLB Field of Dreams signs in to Iowa
MLB Field of Dreams signs in to Iowa

“But this is a good example of what we can do in the future, and it’s an off-road type of game.”

Here, in the past, it took a considerable amount of time to reach such rich emotions. This presents a rare opportunity to support the Yankees and the White Sox themselves, who are not script-protected, to adapt to their surroundings and fanfare.

Yankees, White Sox make their own “Field of Dreams” sequel

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