Yankees rescue Wandy Peralta, Zack Britton, Illinois

One of the Yankees’ strengths, the bullpen, was hit hard on Saturday. Before the Yankees faced the Red Sox at Fenway Park, they put left-handed rescuers Zack Britton and Wandy Peralta on a 10-day injured list.

For Briton, it’s another setback from what has been a lost year. He did not make his regular season debut until June 12, after undergoing surgery to remove bone fragments from his left-throwing elbow, and now the tension in his left hamstring has shelved him again. Peralta, on the other hand, was a pleasant surprise to the Yankees until the recent volatile outings, but has been put on hold this season due to lower back tension. He hasn’t pitched in for more than a week because of his illness.

“Based on what we saw [Friday] At night, I feel the news is better than we thought, “Boon said, referring to Britton. “But especially when he came back, I just thought it wasn’t something we wanted to push through and risk something else appearing.

Wandy Peralta and Zack Britton
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“I think we neglected here. Obviously, we know what he means for our bullpen, the backend of that bullpen. Not the best, but well If you go, it’s a short stint for him. “

Briton was injured after the Friday night pitch. Boone didn’t call it a serious injury, but he was uncomfortable enough to put him in Illinois. He allowed the run on the previous two outings.

“I am really [Friday] I thought of myself as I was watching him against the first few batters at night. “This looks like a’brit’to me,” Boone said. “I felt this was the best he’s seen, so it’s a bit frustrating.”

Boone wants both to be minor stints in the side business, and the Yankees want to get Justin Wilson and Darren O’Day back on their next home stand starting Monday. However, for the time being, the bullpen will have to expire.

The Yankees called Albert Abreu and Brooks Kriske on Saturday to assist Britton and Peralta. Abreu has only played in four Yankees games, but 25-year-old Lighty hit nine times in 6¹ / ₃ innings and threw well. Chriske struggled and abandoned his earned run five times in four innings.

“In reality, there is an opportunity for someone else to step up,” Boone said.

Yankees rescue Wandy Peralta, Zack Britton, Illinois

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