Yankees fall to Red Sox and lose Gary Sanchez injured

Boston — This time, there were no accidents or save data blown away in the second half of the game.

But for the Yankees, who had Gerrit Cole on the mound of Fenway Park on Friday night and were in desperate need of victory, it’s still hard to imagine any further disappointing losses.

Instead, Cole is mediocre, the Yankees waste a great opportunity to add a run to the top of the two innings, and the Red Sox Rafael Devers send them a huge Homer pair to a 6-2 defeat. I hit it.

Due to the defeat, the Yankees are behind the Boston, which is the number one in the AL East area, by 9 games. The Yankees lost nine of their 11 games to their rivals this season.

To make matters worse, they lost Gary Sanchez, who left the game with a back cramp five times later.

The Yankees took the lead over left-handed Eduardo Rodríguez in the second top.

Sanchez took the lead on a walk, followed by Gleyber Torres as a single.

Brett Gardner — a left-handed match — belted a double to the center to win Sanchez and move Torres to third place.

Gerrit Cole and the Yankees lost to the Red Sox on Friday night.
Charles Wenselberg / New York Post

Rodriguez moved to Doug Out after play and was removed due to migraine symptoms and replaced by right-handed Phillips Valdéz.

Valdes defeated Chris Gittens, hit Ryan LaMarre on the pitch and loaded one into the base.

However, Greg Allen said a second out. DJ LeMahieu attacked to end the inning.

After doing a quick job with the Red Sox in the first two innings, Cole ran into trouble in three innings.

Bobby Dalbec came in second to lead before Cole walked through Kike Hernandez and rookie Jarren Duran. After pitching coach Matt Blake came, Cole counted Xander Bogaerts full, but looked for a second match with the Red Sox shortstop.

Cole then finished a 30-pitch inning and counted further to Devers before hitting a cleanup batter swinging on a third straight 100 mph fastball to keep Boston away from the board.

JD Martinez opened the bottom of fourth base on a line shot, but Rugneded Odor played a complete shift near second base.

After Alex Verdugo doubled off the central wall, Cole jumped out Hunter Renfroe and beat Christian Vazquez.

Valdes defeated seven innings after three scoreless innings, and the Yankees threatened Yankees in the fifth.

Giancarlo Stanton drew a two-out walk, Odor drilled a fly ball on the right track, but Renfroe played.

Hernandez hit a rocket from the green monster on the left, one at the bottom of the fifth, but only one.

Durand then crushed the shot to the center right, the ball bounced off the stand, and the ground rules were doubled. Hernandez would have stood up and scored, but had to stay in third place.

The Yankees raised the 2nd, 3rd, 1st and Bogaerts and brought them into the infield. On the 0-2 pitch, Bogaerts hit the sacrifice fly to the right, winning Hernandez and drawing the match.

The Divers then fired a two-run home run on the monster in the center left, giving Boston a 3-1 lead.

Rob Brantly hit Sanchez in 6th place.

The Yankees got two runners against Garrett Whitlock, one in the seventh, but Stanton gently settled on a short.

Both runners advanced before the smell came to the plate. The Red Sox chased the scent that flew to the center, rather than walking the scent and pitching it to Brantley.

Devers finished the game in 7th place with a 3-run home run from Nestor Cortes.

Yankees fall to Red Sox and lose Gary Sanchez injured

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