World Cup 2022 Tryouts: Who is Stronger in South America?

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The World Cup 2022 Qualifying Cycle Has Been Contested

World Cup 2022 (it will take place in Qatar) qualifier matches have come to an end in South America.In the first match, the Argentine national team beat Peru 1-0 on their field. Lautaro Javier Martínez scored the single and victorious goal in the 43rd minute. Unfortunately, YoshimarYotún (Peru) did not implement the penalty (crossbar) in the 65th minute.

The match Argentina – Uruguay is also remarkable and worth reviewing. The rivalry between these teams is the oldest in South America and one of the most violent. But this time, the guests were completely uncompetitive. Argentina had almost no total attacks since it had enough of Nico González, Lo Celso, Lautaro Martínez, de Paul, and Messi.These soccer players were extremely efficient. Of course, Uruguay lacks powerful sportsmen and loses points in this battle. So, those into football betting should note that Argentina is now at the height of its progress. It is the consequence of years of work. This team is better at tearing up a rival’s defense.

Other events look as follows:

In the remaining matches of the championship, Bolivia defeated Paraguay 4-0, and Chile beat Venezuela (3-0). Another meeting between Colombia and Ecuador was a draw.

So, Brazil is on the top of the current standings with no losses and one draw. Argentina is breathing down its neck, and Ecuador comes third. Colombia and Uruguay take fourth and fifth places, respectively. While Chili, Bolivia, and Paraguay are somewhere between, Peru and Venezuela are at the tail end of the chart.

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