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Witnesses describe horror at the deadly Florida Pride Parade Witness Mardi Gras FBI Stonewall Inn Fort Lauderdale

The pride parade route shines in rainbow colors, Mardi Gras Beads, some crowds, waved their flags in anticipation of what should be a more meaningful celebration of life and love after a pandemic in this close South Florida gay community.

But on Saturday night, the sounds of sirens and crying children cheered and quickly turned into horror.

Michael Albetta has been in the parade for years, preparing to walk the route with US Congressman Ted Deutch as Regional Director of the Florida LGBTQ + Democratic Assembly. The two were in line as the parade was about to begin when they heard the truck’s engine spinning.

77-year-old driver and member of the pickup Fort Lauderdale The gay men’s choir suddenly moved forward, killing a fellow choir and injuring another choir after the choir leader, city officials, and Wilton Manners police said it was a tragic accident.

“The roar and galloping of the engine sounds faster. Suddenly you heard” lumpy, lumpy, lumpy “, and they were the bodies he struck and he just crashed through the nursery. “Upset Albetta said in an interview on Monday.

Fort Lauderdale police did not disclose the names of the drivers or victims, but said the drivers were cooperating in the investigation and there was no evidence of drug or alcohol involvement. No arrests have been made, and friends said 25 ensemble drivers and members were distressed by the loss.

Albetta said the driver missed a US representative slightly. Debbie Wasserman Schultz The vehicle somehow jumped over the curb and landed straight down to the victim before paying attention to the fence on the other side of the road.

In the first aftermath, parade participants and witnesses didn’t know they wanted to think. Dean Trantalis, the mayor of Fort Lauderdale, who was visibly upset, said it was a terrorist act against the gay community. On Sunday, he said he was traumatized by his sightings and revealed that it was an accident.

The parade route turned into a mess as participants and witnesses desperately connected what happened. Participants in the parade waiting at the end of the route heard the turmoil and desperately called a friend near the accident in front of the route to ask if they should escape.

As the heavy police had already secured the parade route, an onslaught of sirens ringing and flashing lights occurred immediately.

“”Children Seeing this, they were shocked and began to cry as they saw people on the bloody ground. It was terrible, “said Albetta. The 7 and 10 year olds in his group were very traumatic and their parents immediately took them home.

“It was terrible to see human life taken away,” he said.

Police in Fort Lauderdale said they were conducting a thorough investigation with the FBI and said in a statement that they “we are considering and assessing all possibilities.”

However, Mayor Fort Lauderdale, Wilton Manors Police Chief and Deputy Mayor, and Choir Chief emphasized that it was an accident.

A chorus spokesman said the director did not want to be interviewed, adding that many members of the small group witnessed a fatal accident and were deeply upset.

“We thank the community for their love and understanding as the Chorus family mourn together,” said a statement on the group’s website, which was called an “unfortunate accident.”

Wilton Manors is a close community near Fort Lauderdale, with plenty of shops in the vibrant downtown, where you can eat Rosie’s famous burgers and gossip and drink at George’s Alibi Monkey Bar. I will.

June is Pride Month, in commemoration of the June 1969 uprising Stonewall Inn In New York. It triggered the gay rights movement.

Witnesses describe horror at the deadly Florida Pride Parade Witness Mardi Gras FBI Stonewall Inn Fort Lauderdale

Source link Witnesses describe horror at the deadly Florida Pride Parade Witness Mardi Gras FBI Stonewall Inn Fort Lauderdale

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