Wisconsin Supreme Court dismisses Trump election proceedings

December 14th – On Monday, the Wisconsin Supreme Court dismissed a proceeding by President Donald Trump’s campaign to overturn the state’s presidential election results.

The 4-3 decision in favor of the state’s 10 electoral votes against President Joe Biden came hours before the electors were set to gather to throw them.

The decision was divided into three liberal judges and three conservative judges, with Judge Brian Hagedorn giving a majority opinion. Hagedorn wrote that Trump’s challenge to the state’s presidential election results was “useless” and too late.

Petitioners, including Trump, Vice President Mike Pence, and the Trump campaign, have tried to invalidate the 220,000 Wisconsin voter votes in Dane and Milwaukee counties, including four types of absentee ballots, Hagedorn said. ..

One type is by declaring “indefinitely trapped” due to age or disability in a COVID-19 pandemic with a witness signature on a voting envelope that replaces the requirements for photo ID. , Was a voter allowed to vote without providing a photo ID. The other was all face-to-face absentee ballots, not “written applications,” and the petitioner argued that they needed to be revoked. Third, they alleged that local government officials improperly added witness information on ballots. And fourth, they insisted on all the ballots collected in “Park Democracy.” Two events in Madison City in the fall were illegally thrown.

In the ruling, Hagedorn collectively referred to the petitioner as a “campaign.”

“We conclude that the campaign is not eligible for the relief it seeks,” Hagedorn writes. “The challenge of indefinitely restricted voter voting is seemingly futile.”

Hagedorn added that the other three challenges were unreasonably delayed.

Another Trump case, which challenges the outcome of the state’s presidential election, was dismissed by a federal judge over the weekend.

Wisconsin Supreme Court dismisses Trump election proceedings

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