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Will vaccination be part of the new semester ritual? | Emma Broquez

THere’s new, and perhaps temporary entertainment New York, That is to list the ways the city has returned. Exhibit 1: Call your table to your favorite neighborhood restaurant and be clearly told, “You can arrive at 5 pm or 9 pm.”Chart 2: Less than 14th Line up around the streets and blocks and enter a small space for the privilege of paying $ 25 for a double gin and tonic. And three will be on display: After 18 months of apparent humility in the face of claims by the city’s major companies, and employee distress, staff need to return their donkeys to the office.

This week, Morgan Stanley became the latest company in the city, lifting face-to-face pandemic restrictions and providing employees and visitors to the office. Vaccinated.. This is increasingly a requirement of the city’s largest private employer.Earlier this month, Goldman Sachs had employees Must be vaccinated JPMorgan Chase and Bank of America have asked staff to voluntarily provide vaccine status before expecting a majority to return to the office.

The consequences for those who choose not to be vaccinated are not difficult to tell. Anecdotally, there is evidence of corporate anti-Baxer social and perhaps professional Pariah states in the United States. A friend of mine who works for a global HR company in Midtown operates within a new office framework that allows vaccinated people to move around the office indefinitely, while unvaccinated people are masked. Not only is there a ban on the use of coffee rooms and company leisure facilities, and from going to the company Jolly. A large arrow engraved with the word “madman” can also come down from the ceiling above these people’s desks.

Despite the unattractive motives of vaccine executors, it is difficult to raise a lot of civil liberty anger about this. Obviously, banks don’t talk about public health. But once the end result of their vaccine obligation is an acceleration to herd immunity, it is possible that we are all on the same side. (There is another question as to whether the new, more employee-friendly work habits established during the pandemic will die as quickly as rising, but this is probably not a good test of it: people in general A career in banking for that amazing balance of work and life.)

On the other hand, tensions between vaccinated and unvaccinated people shake employee relationships in much smaller situations. Another sign of a vibrant city after a pandemic is the enthusiastic hiring of babysitters. The honor system of declaring the immunization status of child caregivers to the playground cohort poses predictable problems. There is a house in my expansion circle where after-school babysitters are not vaccinated. I have never met the woman, but her position is well known in the neighborhood and I am well aware of her reasons. (“What’s the point? Vaccinated people still get sick.”)

For a moment, ignoring the fatal consequences of those who decide to opt out of vaccination is like a sport that discusses and dislikes the pandemic behavior of others. There are still moms who bring their wipes to the park and wipe the slides before the child can use them. Some families do not use taxis for fear of exposure to bacteria-they are all vaccinated-but fly to Europe in August. As another parent explains, there is a mother who “stands in the middle of the field with a double mask.” Do not disguise the fun that comes from witnessing and discussing the madness of others.

The big question for New Yorkers is how schools manage their September vaccination status. Even if a child under the age of 12 is given a green light to take a shot in the summer, the Ministry of Education assumes that it will shrink from claiming that the child will be vaccinated before entering the school building. doing. This doesn’t make much sense. Children cannot attend public schools in New York without a medical certificate certifying that they have received all other vaccinations. However, there is ample opposition from parents who are worried about the shallowness of the trials for young children, and it is assumed that the mandatory Covid vaccination is too destructive. Based on this, you may be furious and need a mask in the classroom as well. This doesn’t give much comfort, but at least we can still worry about something from summer to autumn and as the night approaches.

Will vaccination be part of the new semester ritual? | Emma Broquez

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