Widow’Awesome’Netflix’Crown’features husband’s ski death

The widow of one of Prince Charles’ friends says she is angry that her husband’s death was dramatized in the fourth season of the hit Netflix series The Crown.

In 1988, Major Hugh Lindsay, a former British officer who served Queen Elizabeth, was on a ski trip with Prince Charles in Klosters, Switzerland, when the tragedy struck.

Episode 9 of “The Crown” shows an avalanche breaking down a mountain, but does not show anyone trapped or killed. After a while, the audience learned that Charles had survived, but Lindsey did not.

Widow Sarah Hosley was regretted when she learned that Netflix was referring to her husband’s death.

“I was horrified when I was told [the episode] It was happening and I was very worried about the impact on my daughter, “she told The Sunday Telegraph in the UK. “I’m very angry with it and I’m afraid people will see it.”

Later in the episode, viewers can see the casket returning from Switzerland to England and the widow of Lindsay depicted by actress Alana Ramsey in tears.

Hoseley asked the producer not to use her husband’s death at the show.

Instead, she said she wrote to her, “They understood my concerns, but I hope they feel honest and very sensitive to difficult subjects.”

“I think the members of the royal family have to endure with a smile, but it’s a very private tragedy for me,” Hoesley told The Telegraph. “I think it’s very unfriendly to many members of the family.”

Netflix has not publicly commented on this issue.

Widow’Awesome’Netflix’Crown’features husband’s ski death

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