Wi-Fi 6 power is here, do you really need it?

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Are you aware Has the collective demand for Zoom calls, Netflix streaming, and distance learning for children slowed down the old network as it crawls? Dogs are always thrilled with everyone’s home, but routers aren’t. To restore performance, some experts recommend upgrading to the latest generation of wireless internet, Wi-Fi 6, and paying attention to one of the new batches of routers (see below). ..

Wi-Fi 6 promises potential speeds up to 38% faster than most Wi-Fi 5 routers. If you upgrade to a kit like the Linksys Velop AX5300 Mesh Wi-Fi 6 System, it includes a router and one “satellite” to spread the signal, covering approximately 6,000 square feet across multiple floors. ($ 700, But the value of Wi-Fi 6 is more than just a widespread signal. It’s also smarter and helps maximize the potential of new phones, laptops and tablets designed to thrive on Wi-Fi 6.

As manufacturers use this generation of Wi-Fi as standard, the next TV, console, or smart home technology box may display this wireless upgrade logo.

Wi-Fi 6 gives you an Instagram photo streaming, downloading and posting experience by allowing all your gadgets to run at high speed at the same time, even if your device-packed home or family is stuck indoors. I promise to improve.

Wi-Fi 6 power is here, do you really need it?

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