Why the Giants’ NFC East title isn’t so crazy

If you’re a stubborn person like the Giants Blue is always on display, you don’t have to pay attention to what the Joe Judge says. You are crazy and you can’t be crazy. But if your pride is rocking because your team has lost more games than any other NFL game in three years, rest assured that the new head coach is predicting.

Not yet, but soon you’ll be proud to wear it, so feel free to decorate it with all kinds of Giant Regalia.

“I think we’re approaching putting the product in the field, hoping that people can see themselves,” the judge said. “People are proud to wear those blue hats and T-shirts on Mondays, go to work and celebrate their support for the Giants. That’s important to us here. Wants this team to be in the area, not just the people in the building. “

I don’t promise. However, there is increasing evidence that the action involves the words of the judge. The giant is heading up. The holes in the roster so far prevent a sharp rise, but some rise is coming. Of course, it’s not 3-7 and it’s not enough to take part in a division race. If it is not 2020, it may be unusual.

The contention and the Giants were inconsistent, but now they aren’t. With all the flaws and accumulated failures of the season, the Giants can beat the NFC East. It all comes down to this: who plays the best football in the last 7 weeks of the season?

Joe Judge
Joe JudgeNY Post: Charles Wenselberg

Or more consistent with the company the Giants maintain: Which of the four NFC East teams can be completely avoided from being terrible and miserable?

Nothing happened before this became a problem. It doesn’t make sense for the Giants to lose in the first five games. The Giants who fall 1-7 in the midseason are irrelevant. If the Giants came out of the goodbye week and now show more than suspected, that is, if they are the most improved team in NFC East, they can win in NFC East The sex is very high.

If that happens, anyone who wants to blame the NFL system for awarding home playoff games to division winners, regardless of the final record, can enjoy it. If the team finishes 11-5 and has to move to the empty, cold, perhaps snow or ice MetLife Stadium for a wild card game with the 6-10 Giants, Sean Peyton (Saint) of Luckus Or imagine what the Bruce Alliance (Buccaneers) creates. The same is true for the Cardinals, Rams and Seahawks, which are now all 6-3. If the protest is big enough, it will probably lead to a league at some point, not emphasizing the 1st place finish, and installing a record-centric seed system.

Given that the Giants are facing the combined record of the two teams that lost the record (Bengals and Cowboys) and the other four opponents (Seahawks, Cardinals, Browns, Ravens), the remaining three Going to -3 is very difficult. 24-12.

Washington (2-7) and Cowboys (2-7) are facing serious quarterback problems and are on a downtrend. The Eagles were 3-5-1, and the third week was a tie with Bengals, which seemed to be very damaging at the time, but in reality it is an advantageous deciding factor in winning the division. There is a possibility. Differences in the NFC East area this season will be tied.

Everyone in the opinion to win playoff admission at 6-10 is probably the right and a little dark gas. Brighten up, Francis. The Giants didn’t really care what it looked like. The judge is building this from bottom to top. Defeating the Eagles 27-17 three weeks after taking the lead in Philadelphia is a living proof of the judge’s message.

“Joe was part of many winning programs,” said Safety Jabril Peppers. “All we had to do was buy in. I knew it wouldn’t be easy. It will change, so you have to keep buying, and We felt it “

Preparing a team for a playoff game, whether it’s 10-6 or 6-10, is an irreplaceable experience. That would be strange to Daniel Jones in his second NFL season. It will bring great benefits to all young players on the roster and will also benefit the judges themselves. After Nick Saban helped prepare for the post-season match in Alabama for three years and did the same for eight years at Bill Belichick in New England, the judge shot it with his team. No matter how the judge takes the team there, it will mean something.

Why the Giants’ NFC East title isn’t so crazy

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