Why made one manning a real star of “Monday Night Football”

Peyton Manning is the star of Manning Cast, but Eli Manning is the one who makes it successful.

reason? Like Charles Barkley, Eli says what everyone thinks and is natural and acts as if she were just hanging out on TV.

Therefore, the zoom, which was jazzed up in the second half of Monday, Eri dropped two birdsSeeing Eagles fans, innocently thought that the TV witch could blur it. (He immediately apologized, but you will have to work hard to be very offended.)

Earlier, Peyton’s armpit sweat was visible through his shirt, and Eli showed brotherhood and pointed it out. It’s Eri who makes fun of Peyton that sparks the show.

Berkeley busts everyone who is the key to the iconic execution of “Inside The NBA.” But how many other people can or can point out Peyton’s pit sweatshirts?

During the first three weeks on ESPN2, Peyton was very good at Mensa Football’s brain and his strength. You look at him and feel he wants to jump over the jazz-up zoom and start barking audible sounds.

The way he’s so angry with bad football is fascinating to see in real time. He didn’t like the Cowboys coach Mike McCarthy’s lack of watch management. Still, Peyton’s edge needs to be a little dull. Eri will do this.

Decision makers often get stuck in the concept of media. They can be important, but the success of broadcasting depends primarily on proper employment.

Michael Wilbon and Tony Kornheiser have been 20 years of PTI’s success as Mark Sharpiro, then ESPN’s headphone cho, recognized the chemistry of the duo after decades of discussion in the Washington Post newsroom. Celebrating.

Last year, Nickelodeon’s playoff game was a huge hit. CBS got the correct answer for analyst Nate Burson and Noaigle’s lead team for each player.

Eli is perfect for Peyton. Eli isn’t an NFL Berkeley, but its genuine “I’m the only” quality is very appealing on TV. Especially when the concept is only a hangout.

Monday night manning notes

Peyton and Eli are only showing in 10 ESPNNFL games. They are off for the next 3 weeks.. ESPN, the final week of the regular season, was intentionally not called Monday night as there are two Saturday matches that may affect the playoffs. There are also wild card games on the network. I think the Manning Cast will be seen for at least a week, if not both.

Everyone will recognize Manning’s move, but ESPN Chairman Jimmy Pitaro must take a significant portion of it. Pitaro built a relationship with Peyton through the ESPN + show “Peyton’s Places,” and after years of declining all networks, put the network in favor of playing games.

In the post, along with Deputy Sports Editor Mark Hale, the Man of Ideas, he came up with a list of future guests he would like to see on the Manningcast: Andrew Luck, Tom Brady, Ryan Leaf, Mike Tomlin, Sean. McVay, Philip Rivers, Barry Sanders, Dan Marino, John Elway, Bill Parcells, Mike Trout, Simone Bills.

Yes, remove the mark

We acknowledge YES for hosting Nets Media Day live on Monday, but it seems unthinkable not to interview Brooklyn GM Sean Marks and ask him. About Kyrie Irving’s status.. Ryan Luocco and Sarah Kustok didn’t.

“We knew that Killy would speak directly to the media later in the program,” said a YES spokesman.

Still, even if Marks has already said he won’t answer the question, you need to ask Marks about it. That’s why the whole thing was interesting in the first place.

Yes not in toronto

We strongly believe that it’s much better for the announcer to go out, but a YES explanation as to why it’s not at the Yankees Rogers Center-the Blue Jays are fair. In Canada, a positive test result requires two weeks of isolation, regardless of vaccination status, a YES spokeswoman said. YES didn’t want to risk losing the announcer. Especially in the next raise series and perhaps the playoffs that follow.

Clicker book club

Papa Clicker writes books for Keyshawn Johnson and Bob Glauber. “First forgotten” Almost at the same time Jackie Robinson did the same thing in baseball, he was about four men who became the first black NFL players: Kenny Washington, Woody Strode, Marion Motley, and Bill Willis. These less-reported stories provide insight into the challenges these players faced and highlight everything they have achieved. It receives a very fine 4.25 out of 5 clickers.

Why made one manning a real star of “Monday Night Football”

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