Why Charles Schulz created “peanuts”

Apple TV + is now home to everything, the “peanuts.” Therefore, it is logical as the home of a new documentary about Charles Schulz, who created the iconic cartoon franchise.

“Who are you, Charlie Brown?” Premiered at Streamer on Friday (June 25th) and will be commuting within an hour. This is short by today’s Ken Burns style standards, but long enough to explain both Schultz’s life and the “peanut” phenomenon. Television, movies, and now digital.

Narrated by Oscar winner Lupita Nyongo, “Who are you, Charlie Brown?” Begins with a new animated video of Charlie Brown and his schoolmates. Their familiar trombone sound teacher was ordered to write an essay about where they came from. This begins with Schultz’s childhood as a painfully shy boy called “Sparky” after writer and director Michael Bonfirio, a cartoon character called “Spark Plug” in Minnesota. You can tell the story of Schultz (and thus Charlie Brown). It was on the card.

Sparky, who dreams of starting her own cartoon, is neither the happiest kid nor the best student (“I failed everything I could fail,” he says). He was finally drafted in 1942 and sent abroad (he had never spent the night) and returned home with the determination to realize his lifelong ambitions. After some adaptations and launches, “Peanuts” was launched in 1950 and the rest is history.

“Peanuts” characters (from left) Schroeder, Franklin, Linus, Charlie Brown.
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Bonfiglio is a great job to tell the history using an archive interview with Schulz and a new interview with his wife Jean, who is scattered with excerpts of many “peanut” TV specials that began airing in the mid-1960s. doing. Colors that have continued to evolve with the changing times.

(Schultz introduced Franklin, his first black “peanut” character, in 1968 after being proposed by a woman named Harriet Glickman, and I didn’t want to show patronage, “he said. Says.)

It also includes interviews with celebrities who share memories of “peanuts” such as Al Roker, Paul Feig, Drew Barrymore, Kevin Smith and Billie Jean King. 60s.

Charles Schulz
Charles Schulz stood on the drawing board in 1956 with his greatest creation, Charlie Brown.
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You will also learn many interesting facts about Schultz’s life and how to incorporate some of it into “peanuts”. Snoopy was based on a dog he had when he was a teenager (there are pictures of Schultz, the dog and his parents). Snoopy’s “Joe Cool” and “Flying Ace” personas (such as the Battle of Red Baron) were inspired by Schultz’s five children (son Craig is an executive producer). The habit of Sally calling Linus “Sweet Babu” comes from the name of the pet Janschultz used for her husband. was “Little red-haired girl” -her name was Donna, and she had a crush on Schultz’s big boyhood (he was upset when she married someone else).

Having never taken a vacation or missed a deadline, Schultz continued all the work on “peanuts” after undergoing heart surgery in 1981. beat. He retired in 2000 and died in February at the age of 77, leaving behind a legacy of pop culture that continues to resonate around the world 70 years after his birth.

The “Peanuts” gang is here on Apple TV +.

Why Charles Schulz created “peanuts”

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