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Who is RuPaul’s Husband, Georges Lebar?

RuPaul is one of the most successful TV icons of all time.

However, with so much success under his thigh highs, many are curious about who his husband is.


RuPaul and his husband when RuPaul was given his star on the Hollywood Walk of FameCredits: Getty – Contributor

Who is RuPaul’s Husband?

RuPaul met her husband, Georges Lebar, in a New York City nightclub in the early 1990s.

“I met him on the Limelight dance floor on my birthday in 1994,” the drug icon gushed to Hollywood Today in 2017.

They just got married on the anniversary of their meeting in 2017, but they’ve been together ever since.

The Australian-American is nearly 13 years younger than RuPaul, turning 50 on January 24, 1973, the couple’s wedding anniversary.

What does RuPaul’s husband Georges Lebar do for a living?

Georges LeBar operates a 60,000-acre ranch called LeBar Ranch in eastern Wyoming.

George inherited the Luver Ranch from his grandfather.

according to GuardianLeBar’s grandfather “had been a successful sheep and cattle ranch with his wife for decades.”

He is also a professional artist whose primary medium is oil painting.

In the past, he has worked and studied in fashion and the industry where his husband shines.

RuPaul is known for his LGBTQ work and fashion style, summarized in RuPaul's Drag Race.


RuPaul is known for his LGBTQ work and fashion style, summarized in RuPaul’s Drag Race.Credit: Getty Images – Getty

Do Georges LeBar and RuPaul Have Children?

Georges LeBar and RuPaul have no children as of 2023.

RuPaul has said he didn’t have time for them in the past.

I think he hinted at their busy lifestyles with his love of shows, ranches, and the couple’s travels. Who is RuPaul’s Husband, Georges Lebar?

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