White House Supports Olympic Gwen Berry National Anthem Protest

rear Gwen Berry He protested while playing the national anthem at the Olympic trial on Saturday and looked away from the flag before putting on his T-shirt. She Face, the US hammer throw experienced a mixed bag of criticism and support.

One of those supporters is White House spokesman Jen Psaki, who did not tell her boss specifically about Berry’s demonstrations at a hearing on Monday, but President Biden approves a peaceful protest. Said he knew.

“I know [President Biden is] I’m incredibly proud to be an American and pay great respect to the national anthem and everything it represents, especially our men and women in uniforms around the world. ” Said.

“Of course, he would say that part of that pride in our country means that we, as a country, realize that there are moments when we are not realizing our highest ideals. It means respecting the rights of those given to them in the Constitution to protest peacefully. “

Berry During the previous national anthem, say She We are trying to pay attention to systematic racism. She I finished third at the hammer throw event on Saturday and booked a trip to the Tokyo Olympics next month. She I didn’t expect the “Star-Spangled Banner” to be regenerated She However, unlike the Olympics, the national anthem is played once a day at the trial instead of announcing each medal, so I was on the podium.

Berry He looked away from the flag and put up a T-shirt with the words “Activist Athletes” on it. She Said USA TODAY after the event She felt She It has been set.

“I feel like it was a setup, and they did it intentionally.” Berry Said. “To be honest, I was angry.”

Berry Said She We hope to demonstrate the national anthem during our stay in Tokyo and draw attention to our motives. She compete. The International Olympic Committee does not allow demonstrations or protests at stadiums or medal award ceremonies, but the US Olympic and Paralympic Committee changed the rules in April to allow such demonstrations. ..

“Sports are entertainment, but my purpose, voice and mission are greater than sports.” Berry I told USA Today. “So I can represent my community and my people, and those who died in the hands of police atrocities, those who died. [due] To this systematic racism — I feel it is an important part. That’s why I go and that’s why I was here today. “

Berry The next day has received enough criticism She However, protests include Texas Republican Rep. Dan Crenshaw.Clenshaw Said Athletes protesting should be removed from the US Olympic team.

In the tweet, Berry Note that the reaction showed that She The message was lost or ignored during the repulsion, and She Clearly Divide Tweet She “I never said I hated this country!” Instead She I want to speak against racial discrimination She A platform for doing so.

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White House Supports Olympic Gwen Berry National Anthem Protest

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