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Where is George Stephanopoulos at GMA?

George Stephanopoulos is co-anchor of Good Morning America, along with Robin Roberts and Michael Strahan.

The former Democratic adviser was absent from his usual seat, leading fans to speculate as to his whereabouts.


George Stephanopoulos and Ali Wentworth have been married for over 20 years

Where is George Stephanopoulos at GMA?

George Stephanopoulos It was missing from the regular GMA slot on March 20, 2023.

Whit Johnson took his place in that Monday morning episode.

Judging by wife Ali Wentworth’s Instagram feed, it looks like George and his family are on vacation.

It’s unclear how long he’ll be on vacation, but viewers are looking forward to seeing him at GMA when he returns from vacation.

Previously, George also went missing during the December 19, 2022 broadcast.

His absence followed a long string of mysterious breaks from his fellow GMA co-hosts Roberts and Strahan.

Strahan, 51, is also absent On Monday morning’s show, Roberts, 62, went missing on Friday, December 16.

Strahan goes missing frequently, but Stephanopoulos is usually found at his desk.

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On December 9th, all three anchors went missing from the show after reports of “anger” over the affair of Amy Roback and TJ Holmes.

In November, Stephanopoulos went out for interviews, and over the summer he and his wife took a well-deserved break from the big cameras.

His wife often took to social media to share her various adventures.

In August, she posted a photo on Instagram of herself and Stephanopoulos hugging while standing next to a gorgeous pool in Greece.

of image The caption posted was captioned “Greek and Greek”.

The pair, who have been married for the past 20 years, have previously traveled together to Paris and Montauk, New York.

according to Hello!Stephanopoulos was replaced by Amy Roback and weekend anchor Whit Johnson.

Stephanopoulos doesn’t leave his position at GMA often, so fans were relieved to see that he was taking a well-deserved break.

Ali Wentworth revealed on social media that George and their kids are on vacation


Ali Wentworth revealed on social media that George and their kids are on vacationCredit: Instagram/@therealaliwentworth

Who is George Stephanopoulos Wife?

Married to Stephanopoulos Alexandra “Ali” Wentworth 2001.

The pair live together in New York City two children: Elliot Anastasia Stephanopoulos and Harper Andrea Stephanopoulos.

Wentworth is an actress, producer, author and philanthropist.

She is best known for her work on the Fox sketch comedy series In Living Color from 1992 to 1994.

Her film credits include Jerry Maguire, Real Blondes, and Office Space.

She is a philanthropist supporting the Child Mind Institute.

How much is George Stephanopoulos Net Worth?

Stephanopoulos has an estimated net worth of $40 million. celebrity net worth.

per outlet Stephanopoulos earns An annual income of $15 million.

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Stephanopoulos is the third highest earning anchor among all GMA hosts.

Only Roberts and Strahan earn more than Stephanopoulos. Where is George Stephanopoulos at GMA?

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