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What’s new with COVID Omicron: The FDA is considering limiting the approval of certain monoclonal antibody therapies

New York (WABC)-Federal regulators are considering limiting the approval of certain monoclonal antibody therapies that have not proven effective against the omicron variant of the coronavirus, detailed in the decision. Sources told CNN.

Sources say the U.S. Food and Drug Administration may decide to take steps to curb the use of antibody treatments produced by Eli Lilly and Regeneron in the coming days, their monoclonal therapy is effective. An omicron variant of the virus that points to increased evidence that it is not neutralized.

The National Institutes of Health recently updated its guidelines to advise clinics not to use these treatments for patients with mild to moderate Covid-19 due to their reduced efficacy against Omicron variants. ..

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The details of today’s COVID-19 heading are as follows:

FDA Expands Remdesivir Eligibility
The Food and Drug Administration has expanded the use of antiviral remdecibir for the treatment of mild to moderate COVID-19. The drug was licensed for emergency use in May 2020. At that time, it was only used by people hospitalized with severe COVID-19. In October of that year, it was approved by hospitalized persons over the age of 12. However, on Friday, the agency expanded its use to include everyone who tested positive for the disease but was not hospitalized, had mild to moderate symptoms, and was at high risk of severe illness. did. Patients can take the drug by intravenous drip for 3 days.

The necessary booster shots for Omicron, CDC research shows
Three studies published on Friday COVID-19 vaccine provided more evidence to confront Omicron mutants, At least among those who received booster shots. The paper reflects previous studies, including studies in Germany, South Africa, and the United Kingdom, showing that available vaccines are less effective against Omicron than previous versions of the coronavirus, but boosters. The dose improves the antibody that fights the virus and increases the likelihood of avoiding symptomatic infections.

COVID test company sued alleged scheme
The COVID Control Center is facing a fraudulent proceeding filed by the Attorney General of Minnesota. Insist on a wide range of COVID inspection schemes.. One ex-employee said it was stored in a trash bag because it has undergone so many tests for processing.

New York School Maskman Dating May End
Governor Kathy Hokul says he expects the school district to stop forcing him to wear masks in class. When she finishes her state-wide mission.. The current mission may be extended, but is scheduled to end next month.

“That’s what we really expect,” she said. “I expect all school districts to say’no need to do this anymore’when state obligations expire.”

Positive rate in NY continues to decline
The overall COVID positive rate in New York has fallen below 10% for the first time since mid-December, Governor Kathy Hokul announced Friday. The state reported a 7-day average of 9.75% as of Thursday. The total number of cases was 28,296, a decrease of 66.6% in just two weeks from 90,000 on January 7.

Side effects of many COVID-19 vaccines caused by placebo effects: studies
Many continue to worry about the side effects of vaccines (especially the COVID-19 vaccine), but new data from a comprehensive meta-analysis Suggests that there is little fear..

According to a study by the Beth Isreal Deaconess Medical Center, many side effects reported after a patient receives an injection may be due to a placebo effect.

One police station loses two police officers on COVID-19 within a few days
Two police officers from the Aurora Police Station in Illinois (both 51 years old) Died of COVID-19 within a few days each other’s.
Aurora police officer Brian Shields died on January 11th at COVID-19. Just a few days later, on January 19, Aurora Police Sergeant. Ken Sirman died of COVID-19, the department said.
Adele postpones residence due to COVID between crew members
Adele announced that he would postpone his residence in Las Vegas one day before the opening. COVID made it impossible Advance.

In a tears video posted on Instagram, Adel apologized, saying her team tried everything to put the show together in time, but was “completely destroyed” by delivery delays and COVID. ..

Robin Roberts has a COVID
Anchor of “Good Morning America” ​​tweeted Thursday night that she tested positive for COVID-19. She said her symptoms were mild.

Teachers Union says Long Island school district does not enforce COVID mask obligations
Long Island Teachers Union The school district says it does not enforce COVID-19 Maskman Date Among students.

Allegations are filed by the Connet Quot Teachers Association, which operates within the Connet Quot School District.

Murphy says NJ Mask’s mission may end
New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy said state May drop school mask man date By the end of the year, if the number of Omicrons continues to decline.

“Yes, I think I have a real shot. That’s true. My fingers crossed,” Murphy said on Thursday on Channel 11. “We are in the early stages of turning a corner, but it certainly looks like we’re starting to turn a corner here.”
When will I be infected if I get infected with Omicron?
When will I get infected if I get infected with Omicron??? Although not yet clear, some early data suggest that it may be infected earlier than previous variants, perhaps within a day after infection. According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, people infected with the coronavirus are most infectious in the days before and after symptoms appear. However, according to some outside experts, that time frame can occur earlier in omicron. This is because, according to preliminary research, Omicron appears to cause symptoms faster than previous variants. It takes about 3 days on average after infection. Based on previous data, this means that people with Omicron may begin to spread immediately the day after infection.

Are you at home or working ill?Omicron poses a challenge for paid, sick-free workers
Millions of people whose jobs do not provide paid sick leave as COVID-19’s rampant variants of Omicron infect workers across the country You have to choose between their health and their salary.. Many companies have enacted stronger sick leave policies at the beginning of the pandemic, but even if Omicron was able to avoid the shot, some of them were reduced by the deployment of vaccines. On the other hand, the current labor shortage is increasing the pressure on workers to decide whether to witness a sick job if they cannot afford to stay at home.
“It’s a virtuous circle,” said Daniel Schneider, a professor of public policy at Harvard Kennedy’s Graduate School of Government. “As people are depleted because they are sick, it has to do more for the people at work and is even more reluctant to call them sick when they get sick. That means. “

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What’s new with COVID Omicron: The FDA is considering limiting the approval of certain monoclonal antibody therapies

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