What to look for after reading the Pentagon UFO Report

The truth is there.

Partly thanks to them, there have been a lot of UFO-related shows everywhere on TV in the last few weeks. Attention in the news..Friday, US Intelligence Community Announcing the long-awaited report About a series of unidentified flying objects discovered by US Navy pilots over the last few decades.

Unfortunately for those who were expecting Definitive proof Of Little Green Man, it didn’t reveal anything definitive. But still, different scientists, experts, and Talking Heads haven’t stopped jumping straight into the subject at different shows and specials.

In addition to some upcoming programming that hasn’t been released yet-etc. Demi Lovato’s Untitled UFO Show Peacock — Here’s a sample of what to look out for if you’re interested in a topic that’s intriguing for the current event.

“TMZ Survey: UFO: Pentagon Evidence” (Tuesday, June 29, 8:00 pm Fox)

In this special, TMZ’s team will examine declassified Pentagon reports on UFOs, scrutinize footage, and interview scientists, military pilots, and former Pentagon officials. “The show is a process of exclusion of some sort, and it would definitely be pretty nice to take the theory off the table and see what we have left,” TMZ boss Harvey Levin said in a statement. ..

UFO footage from TMZ specials on UFOs and the Pentagon announcement about them.
UFO footage from TMZ Investigates Special.

“UFOs Declassified Live” (Wednesday, June 30th, 8pm, Discovery, Travel Channel, Science Channel)

Organized by Josh Gates (Discovery’s “Expedition Unknown”), this three-hour multi-platform special will feature experts on the subject, including NASA administrator Bill Nelson. Former Senate Leader Harry Reid, Former Intelligence Officer Bob Wallace, Astronomical Physicist Dr. Hakim Orsey, Former British Department of Defense Employee Nick Pope, Intelligence Historian Keith Melton, and The X-Files Chris Kata and the founder of Blink-182, especially UFO enthusiast Tom DeLonge.

“That’s a question that has been asked for centuries-are we alone in space?” Scott Rowers, Executive Vice President of Multi-Platform Programming, Factual & Content Director, Science Said in a statement.. “And with this long-awaited report submitted to Congress, we … together with UFO followers and skeptics, gathered top military and government experts to analyze the revelations of this report and they. What we know and don’t know about our unique insights. “

“Basement”, YouTube.

Post unique UFO series Investigate facts and evidence in the area of ​​UFOs, including interviews with former Pentagon officials and Navy pilots, investigations of sightings and reported Navy encounters.

“Roswell: The Final Verdict” (Discovery +, streamed July 2nd).

To commemorate the 74th anniversary of one of the most famous UFO incidents in US history, this six-episode miniseries investigated an alleged extraterrestrial collision in Roswell, New Mexico in 1947. Analyze eyewitness testimony. It also uses AI to try to determine if any of the witnesses were telling the truth.

“UFO” (Showtime, 9 pm, August 8)

This four-part documentary from the fictional space king JJ Abrams (and his production company Bad Robot) explores the theory of UFOs and the history of mainstream travel. It will see their relationship with civilians as well as the US government and military ridiculed for their accounts.

JJ Abrams
JJ Abrams publishes a UFO documentary at showtime.
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Heaven’s Gate: The Cult of Cults “(HBO Max, currently streaming)

This four-part documentary examines the 1975 cult that flew under radar for decades in the United States and its shocking UFO-related beliefs. .. The series jumps into their claim that humans are actually extraterrestrials, interviews former members and their friends and family, and includes new footage.

Demonstration of strange practices and beliefs around UFOs "Gate of Heaven: Cult Cult"
Demonstration of strange practices and beliefs around UFOs in “Gate of Heaven: Cult of the Cult”

What to look for after reading the Pentagon UFO Report

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