What to expect from from New York wagering sites

Online sports betting was legalized in New York in April 2021, but wagering sites are still awaiting the go-ahead for launch by lawmakers from the Empire State. Bettors still have the opportunity to place bets at certain locations in-person, which has been legal since 2019, although wagering options are limited. It is why New York eventually joined the 18 states across the country that legalized online sports betting once regulations around the practice were eased in 2018.

Those 18 areas of the United States have been able to enjoy a complete wagering experience that New Yorkers have not been able to access, although the wait will soon be over. Licenses have been handed to nine companies to launch sports betting sites in the state, but because the New York State Gaming Commission wants all nine to open at the same time, there has been a delay. It is believed that this will occur in the early months of 2022, although the exact time is yet to be agreed upon.

Once a start date has been agreed the countdown will be on for New Yorkers to welcome a complete sports betting experience online. But what can they expect?

Array Of Sports Betting Opportunities

The New York State Commission have awarded licenses to nine of the biggest names in the industry. These can all be found on as they list the best NY sports betting sites and highlight the operators that provide the top value for their customers in terms of their sign-up offers and bonuses for simply joining their products. That is where it all begins for New Yorkers for their sports betting experience.

Once signed into the leading wagering sites in the business they will have access to a vast array of betting markets across a number of sports. The four major sports NFL, NBA, NHL and MLB are covered in great detail, meaning there are chances to bet on the New York Giants, Knicks, Jets, Islanders, Mets, Rangers and Yankees with ease and through a variety of different wagers. However, there are also opportunities to bet on sports from further afield in Europe and the rest of the world including soccer and rugby. The top betting sites offer a wide of variety of sports to cater to all interests.

Competitive Odds and Bonuses

Due to the intense competition among the leading betting sites, customers in New York will be provided with great value on their odds and bonuses. There is a healthy rivalry among the top operators in the industry to provide premium value to their users whether they are lining up a bet on the NFL or simply signing up for their product. New Yorkers will have access to lucrative sign-up offers, which can include risk-free bets.

Familiar names to fantasy players are DraftKings and FanDuel, which were leading players in the bid for a New York license. They provide arguably the best value on the market at the moment, although their rivals such as BetMGM and Caesars Sportsbook provide healthy competition. A strong number of betting sites will allow New Yorkers to compare and contrast their odds and offers to pick the right wagering operator for them. Although only nine licenses have been granted for now based on this report from, there are a lot of interested parties waiting for their opportunity in the future. The market will only get larger in the future.

Special Features

The top betting sites in the industry are always thinking of new ways to improve the standard of their products, especially their mobile apps. New bets such as same game parlays are matching the level of nuance offered by wagering sites in Europe, while live betting and streaming functions allow users to bet and watch NFL, NBA, MLB and NHL games on the go.

These features are changing the way in which customers wager and the added dimension of being able to watch games directly through apps provides a huge incentive for users to pick one betting site over another. The standard of competition among the betting sites is pushing the industry to new heights. The benefits are being felt by users across the United States and very soon New Yorkers will be able to count themselves among the fortunate few, no longer being forced to travel to an in-person betting venue or across state lines to place wagers.

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