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What the Electoral College should know when meeting today

Members of the Electoral College meet today to fulfill their constitutional obligations. Election the President-elect and Vice President of the United States.

But this year’s vote will take place as the pandemic continues. In New York, authorities have concluded that voting must take place directly in order to meet the wording of the State Constitution and avoid potential legal objections from President Donald Trump’s allies.

Here are four things electors need to know when they meet in Albany.

who are they?

Oh, only the most prominent Democrats in New York politics and labor. Electors include Governor Andrew Cuomo, Attorney General Letitia James, Deputy Governor Kathy Hotchul, Comptroller Tom Dinapoli, and the Supreme Legislative Leaders of Parliament and the Senate.

The most prominent of these are former President Bill Clinton and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, a 2016 presidential candidate. Electors are closed by trade union officials and the chairman of the State Democratic Party.

When and where do they meet?

In recent years, electors have been convened in the state legislature for professional voting. For the past few years Photo NBC News historian Michael Beschloss tweeted that he may have met (or at least took a picture) in the Governor’s ceremonial room, the Red Room, in 1933.

But the pandemic has confused things this year. The State Senate was not considered to encourage voting given the social distance requirements. Instead, the elector votes in the larger legislature. Cuomo last week showed that voting would be relatively quick to limit mutual contact between people voting.

Voting is scheduled for noon today.

Why is this important?

There is no doubt about the result of the vote. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have won a majority of the electoral votes today and will be appointed as new and vice presidents next month. Today’s vote is part of our democracy page and symbolizes the change of power that has supported our country for over 200 years.

Four years ago, depressed Democrats gathered in Albany to vote for Hillary Clinton. There was no doubt that he won the majority of the national electoral colleges that year. I ’m Donald Trump from the Republican Party.

Do people want to change the electoral college?

Yes, it includes many New Yorkers who feel that the current system weakens the state’s influence on national affairs. Since 1984, when Ronald Reagan was reelected, New York has not voted for the Republican presidential candidate.

One proposal would move the country to a popularity vote by pledged state electors to the candidate with the highest total votes. Another measure could put New York into a camp in states like Maine and Nebraska by assigning electoral votes to each constituency in the House of Representatives, and could have more influence in northern New York in the presidential election. is there.

What the Electoral College should know when meeting today

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