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What is the closure of public schools for all New York students?

New York-Mayor Bill de Blasio has announced that face-to-face lessons at public schools across five provinces will move completely from Thursday.

But will schools that do not belong to the City Education Bureau be closed? Does this announcement mean that students can still have a free meal?

Here’s what we know so far:

Are all schools in the city closed?

No, this order applies only to schools that are part of the city’s Ministry of Education. The Catholic school remains open for face-to-face classes. In an afternoon statement, the Archdiocese of New York claimed that schools follow state health guidelines and that closures are school-specific. They vowed that public schools would remain open even if they were closed.

Make sure the Brooklyn Parish relies on the city to provide school nurses, transportation, and some meals, and will continue to staff these services after the public school is closed. It is said.

Staten Island Catholic schools have their own problems. Last week, many of the autonomous regions were declared “yellow zones.” This is a designation that requires a compulsory test of 20% of the school population. The Archdiocese closed the school for two days last week and accused the city of not having staff to manage the exam. This is required by law.

The Archdiocese of New York represents more than 60,000 students in the Bronx, Manhattan, and Staten Island, and the Brooklyn Parish has more than 30,000 students in Brooklyn and Queens. There are few independent Catholic schools. The possibility of closing these schools is on a case-by-case basis.

Other parochial schools, private schools and charter schools are still open, but will be closed if five wards are designated as “Orange Zones”. Governor Andrew Cuomo said on Tuesday that a city’s seven-day rolling coronavirus infection rate measured by the state could soon be designated as an “orange zone” when it reaches 3%. This is currently the 7-day average for New York City. With a confusing twist, the city’s own indicators show that the five autonomous regions have already reached their 3% threshold, but stand at 2.5%.

Kuomo said the school would need to remain closed, but could be reopened four days later if the building was disinfected and students and staff were tested for the coronavirus.

“Schools can be reopened in the’orange zone’,” Cuomo said. “When New York City reaches 3%, make it an” orange zone. ” Also, if New York City wanted to reopen school, it couldn’t test all of New York City’s students, so it had to design another formula for New York City. “

What if my child doesn’t have a device for learning remotely?

The mayor says parents with children who do not have an internet-connected device should call 311.

The move to remote learning is especially painful for the city’s approximately 60,000 students who do not have the laptops, tablets, or internet access they need to be online.

The school’s prime minister, Richard Calanza, said the city had ordered “a little over 100,000 devices” to meet these needs, but in the meantime, the school had paper packets of prepared assignments. He said it needed to be distributed to his students.

Is child care available?

Yes, the city’s Learning Bridge program provides a place for children from 3K to 8th grade to learn on days when they are not in the classroom. The program was used to help parents who couldn’t work from home in the spring, when face-to-face lessons were last closed.

The city announced on Thursday that it would open a free learning bridge child care facility to some families in need of it.

“Essential workers prefer learning bridge seats and there are other priorities, such as families in shelters or families with specific challenges,” the mayor said.

The exact number of seats in the Learning Bridge is unknown at the time of this writing. Parents have previously expressed concern about their availability. In July, the mayor promised 100,000 free childcare seats. In September, he returned it to only 30,000 seats in case the school started. He said 60,000 seats will not be available until October and will reach 100,000 at the end of the year.

Will the free meal continue?

Yes, public schools will continue to provide students with free meals. Karanza said the principal will work with school staff to ensure that there are windows available for students to receive meals.

How about students using the yellow school bus?

Non-public school students using the yellow bus will continue to use school transfers. The bus contracted with the city hasn’t changed, the Ministry of Education said.


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This story includes reports from Jillian Jorgensen, Shannon Caturano, and Amanda Farinacci.


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What is the closure of public schools for all New York students?

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