What is Andrew Spencer? Fake Englishman in “Bachelorette”

“Bachelorette” contestant Andrew Spencer boarded an antique car, introduced himself with a British accent accent, and announced that he “traveled all the way to the other side of the pond.” Katie ThurstonHe said he looked “absolutely exquisite”.

But soon the gig was over. Andrew is a fake Englishman.

The 26-year-old is actually from Chicago and is currently playing professional football in Vienna, Austria.

Andrew was obsessed with making impressions from the beginning, so he captivated her with fake accents. (Maybe a little better: he was the first person to steal Katie one-on-one away.. )

She confessed that his accent was good, but she didn’t fool her because the coronavirus pandemic restricted international flights and provided travel precautions.

To play with the gag, Katie toasted with a British accent, claimed that Andrew looked “dashing” and thanked him for coming to the show, sipping a drink. With a smirk, the fake English boy seemed to get off to a good start.

Thanks to his true charm, and somehow his fake accents Andrew got a rose on the first nightAnd, rumor has it, according to a “Bachelor’s degree” expert Reality SteveAnyway-he can get some more and even make it To the last four of Katie..

To This season’s trailer, We see Katie chasing Andrew, jumping into his arms for an emotional moment, and in her voice, “I lose you. I faint here.”

Fans can only guess what’s going on at that moment, but Andrew’s biography makes Andrew and Katie look good. He “I can’t wait to get married and hope to have five children somedayWe emphasize the importance of communication in relation to.

He also has some insight into how the show and the “Bachelor’s” franchise work. Clay harborHe was in the 14th season of “Bachelorette” and the 6th season of “Bachelor of Paradise”.

But what are we Do Knowing Andrew’s ending doesn’t give him much hope of winning the final rose.

After filming, he returned to Austria, where he said: AFI, “Soccer is my first love and always occupies a special place in my heart. I was able to come back here and breathe the air of football, so it’s almost like I’m home. I was relaxed. It’s my safe haven, my Zen. “

What is Andrew Spencer? Fake Englishman in “Bachelorette”

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