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What Does the Supreme Court’s Gun Decision Mean for New York?

New Yorkers should be allowed to legally carry weapons for self-defense, The US Supreme Court said Thursday.. Previously, permits to carry hidden firearms were only issued to those who indicated a particular need for armament.

This is the implications of future decisions for state and city residents.

Q: Can more New Yorkers get a carry license more easily?

Theoretically, that’s right. However, New York Police Department Commissioner Keychant Seawell said the decision would not allow New Yorkers to carry guns at home or at work, or would immediately begin to heat up wherever they went to practice their goals. Emphasized not to allow that. Gun owners who want to arm themselves outside their home or office will need a carry permit. NYPD has stated that it will continue to accept permit applications and will not close the permit office at the police headquarters.

Q: Does the NYPD expect a surge in gun license applications?

I’m not sure. “How can you guess?” Asked John Miller, NYPD’s counterterrorism director. “Basically, I want (permit) because I need it. There are a lot of things to consider.”

Q: Can legal gun owners carry their weapons anywhere in New York City and the state?

Probably not, as cities, states and law enforcement are pondering Prohibition of weapons in “sensitive places”. Potential areas of gunless law include sporting events, large rally spots like Times Square, subways, and cinemas.

Q: Are there any safety measures to select who will buy the gun?

The court ruling still allows the state to impose certain restrictions on license applicants, such as background checks and training requirements.

Q: Is there a possibility of legal issues in New York?

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Mayor Adams has promised a fight to “undo the damage” of the judgment, including a comprehensive review by the city’s top lawyers and other legal experts. He also said the city will meet with federal, state and local partners in the future, along with elected officials, including other governors and mayors. Hochul said he would convene a state legislature to address this issue.

Q: What is the impact on New York City residents?

Adams didn’t hit this question. “This decision makes each of us less secure from gun violence.”

Q: How many New York City gun permits are currently issued?

New York Police Department’s latest 8.5 million number: Police have issued 16,000 permits to those who are only allowed to hold guns at home. Another 3,500 permit allows people to hide and carry firearms for business purposes — such permits to jewelers, courier companies, private eyes, and people who handle large amounts of cash. May go. Currently, guards who leave their weapons at work have 2,400 permits. And finally, 700 permits were issued to local stores and businesses. This is also left on the premises.

Q: What do the 1980s subway shooter Bernie Getz think of the Supreme Court’s decision?

“I don’t want to get involved in it,” Getz told Daily News. “I’m doing something else in my life. I don’t want to be involved in anything in New York City.”

What Does the Supreme Court’s Gun Decision Mean for New York?

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