WH calls YouTube, Facebook “judges, juries, executioners” with bad COVID information

The White House has listed YouTube as well as Facebook on its list of social media platforms, and authorities are responsible for the surprising spread of false information about the COVID vaccine and are doing enough to stop it. It states that it is not.

Criticism comes just a week after President Biden called Facebook and other social media companies “murderers” for not delaying the spread of false information about vaccines.He has been since Softened his tone..

A senior executive said one of the key issues was “inconsistent enforcement.” YouTube — Alphabet’s Google unit – and Facebook determine what is considered incorrect information on the platform. But the result left the White House unhappy.

“Facebook and YouTube are judges, juries and executioners about what’s happening on the platform,” said a government official explaining their approach to misinformation about COVID. “They will start scoring their homework.”

Some of the main parts of the Vaccine misinformation that the Biden administration is fighting include the ineffectiveness of the COVID-19 vaccine, false claims that it carries a microchip, and hurt women’s childbirth. Officials said.

Social media company It became a fire Recently, from Biden, his spokesman Jen Psaki and surgeon General Vivek Murthy have said that the spread of lies about vaccines makes it difficult to fight the pandemic and save lives.

Mark Zuckerberg speaking on stage
Mark Zuckerberg’s officials from the Biden administration called Facebook and YouTube are “judges, juries, and executioners when it comes to what’s happening on their platform.”
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A recent report from the Digital Hatred Countermeasures Center (CCDH), This is also highlighted According to the White House, 12 vaccine controversy accounts have spread nearly two-thirds of false alarms online. Six of those accounts are still posting on YouTube.

“I want everyone to do more,” said a person familiar with the matter, to limit the spread of inaccurate information from these accounts.

The fight against false alarms of vaccines became a top priority for the Biden administration in an era when the pace of vaccination slowed significantly despite the risks. Raised by Delta Variant, People in many parts of the country are hostile to vaccination.

The request to Facebook and YouTube came after the White House contacted Facebook, Twitter, and Google in February to crack down on false information about COVID and ask for help to prevent it from spreading through word-of-mouth. , Another senior government official said.

Imran Ahmed, founder of CCDH and founder of CCDH, said: chief executive officer.

YouTube spokeswoman Elena Hernandez said that since March 2020, she has deleted more than 900,000 videos containing false information about COVID-19 and has terminated the YouTube channel for those identified in the CCDH report. She said the company’s policy was based on the content of the video, not the speaker.

“If the remaining channels listed in the report violate our policy, we will take steps, including permanent termination,” she said.

On Monday, YouTube also announced that it would add more reliable health information, as well as tabs for viewers to click.

Sundar Pichai standing on the stage with the Google logo
Critics say that Google, led by Sundar Pichai, often scoops under radar on the issue of COVID-19 false alarms, as many forget that Google owns YouTube.
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Government officials have cited four issues that the government has asked Facebook to provide specific data, but the company is hesitant to comply.

These include the amount of false information about vaccines present on the platform, who is looking at inaccurate claims, what the company is doing to contact them, and the steps Facebook is taking. It includes how you know it’s working.

A source said the answer Facebook gave was “not enough.”

Facebook spokesman Kevin McAlister has removed more than 18 million COVID-19 false information since the pandemic began, and its own data makes vaccine hesitation for people in the United States using the platform. It shows a 50% decrease from January. Vaccine acceptance is high.

Sign with the Google and YouTube logos at Google headquarters in California
According to a recent report from the Center for Countering Digital Hate (CCDH), 12 vaccine controversy accounts spread nearly two-thirds of vaccine controversy false alarms online. Six of those accounts are still posting on Google-owned YouTube.
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In another blog post last Saturday, Facebook explained the steps taken to encourage users to vaccinate and called on government to stop “pointing.”

However, officials said blog posts have no indication of success.

The widespread concern of the Biden administration is that the platform “is lying to us hiding the ball or not taking it seriously and there is no deep analysis of what is happening on the platform.”

“It calls the solution they are questioning.”

WH calls YouTube, Facebook “judges, juries, executioners” with bad COVID information

Source link WH calls YouTube, Facebook “judges, juries, executioners” with bad COVID information

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