Wedding announcements and invitations

What they are, how they should be done, and when

Once the wedding day, the place of the ceremony and the reception have been established, and the guest list has been made, it is necessary to think about wedding invitations and invitations, elements not to be underestimated, as they will have to anticipate the style and tone of the wedding.

The difference between wedding invitations and invitations

As per tradition, the wedding invitation is intended to announce the happy event of the wedding to friends and relatives. Often the terms wedding invitations and invitations are used interchangeably. In reality, many do not know clear differences between them. Suppose we want to invite someone to be present only and exclusively at the ceremony. In that case, we will send them only the wedding participation. Otherwise, if we want the recipient to participate in both the celebration and the reception, we will send them both the participation and the invitation. Here you can go for cheap elegant wedding invitations.

When to print and send the participants?

At the same time as the invitations, the invitations to the reception that will follow the ceremony and the cards to be inserted in the wedding favor with the names of the spouses and finally, if necessary, the business cards for thanks to being sent after the honeymoon to those who have given a gift.

We advise you to order the invitations at least three or four months before the wedding and to have a higher number of invitations, invitations, and cards for wedding favors printed than expected to manage oversights or new guests.

Invitations should normally be mailed or hand-delivered at least two months before the wedding. Furthermore, it is inelegant to avoid sending the participation or wedding invitation late to a person who should not have been invited just because he gave a gift. You will surely run into a bad impression.

How to make wedding invitations

There are several models to follow for the choice of style, material, and wording for the wedding announcements unless you want to be particularly original and imaginative, which, however, we do not recommend in the case of a classic wedding. The choice of the style of the invitations will anticipate the style and shape that the entire ceremony will have, it will be the business card of your wedding: a sign of good taste and refinement is, for example, the combination of wedding invitations and invitations with the church booklet, with the menu and placeholders.

You can decide to add an image, a drawing, a decoration, or even a photo of yourself to the card of the invitations. As for the whole organization of the wedding, it must always be your character and good taste to guide you in your choices.

The most traditional choice is a double or plain cardboard, white, ivory, or a very light pastel color, with English italic characters in gray, black, or sepia with dimensions of 12.5 cm x 16.5 cm. In general, the typeface used should be the one that most closely resembles handwriting.

According to the etiquette of marriage, her family’s participation is borne, both from an economic point of view and materially for the shipment.

The drafting of the guest list will also be borne by the future bride’s family, which will be done with the help of his family. In reality, nowadays, the future spouses decide the number of guests and take care of the invitations.

The wedding etiquette wants the envelopes to be handwritten in beautiful calligraphy, blue or black ink, preferably from a fountain pen. Under the stamp. Must write the names and addresses on the right. The involvement of families in the writing of these envelopes is always welcome. There is always a parent, grandfather, or uncle with beautiful handwriting who will be happy to take on this task.

The rules of elegance want to avoid professional titles (such as Eng., Dr., etc.), honorary, or study. Still, that real nobility and those of career graduates are legitimate.

The formulas for writing recipients are:

Once you have chosen the typography, always ask for the draft to avoid nasty surprises!


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