We went on six dates a week and saved a ton of money on groceries, putting £12,000 in the bank over two years and buying Prada bags instead.

A New York influencer has revealed an unorthodox tactic he’s used to save around £12,000 on groceries, but not everyone agrees.

Vivian Tu claims she didn’t buy any groceries between 2016 and 2018, but some say her practices are unethical.


Vivian says hack saved thousands of groceriesCredit: Instagram/yourrichbff


She used dating apps as a secret weaponCredit: Getty

On her popular TikTok account, ‘Your Rich BFF,’ Vivian shared it when she lived new york cityshe looked for love on dating apps.

After some financial hardships, she soon realized she could save her hard-earned coins by screwing her over to someone on these apps. date.

Vivian said: “Oh, maybe I can go to a fun tapas restaurant for free, or I can use my money at the grocery store to buy food that still needs to be cooked.

“And it probably won’t taste as good.”

She said she saved between £30 and £80 a week by going on cheeky dinner dates instead of buying affordable groceries at stores around town.

With her earnings, she quickly built up a savings pot and spent it on savings.Of course the new black prada bag.

The influencer was earning £77,000 a year, but living in the heart of Manhattan made her cost of living very expensive.

She added:

“In my opinion, intentionally dating for free food is not a good idea. I am very much in the camp where you date to find love.

However, some viewers of Vivien’s videos think her moves are genius, others don’t.

One user claimed he did the same.

One girl said she was “clever and not difficult” and another congratulated her on “well done with the bag”.

Vivien has worked hard and has 2.3 million followers on TikTok. Budgeting and finance video.

in another videothe former Wall Street trader shared the acronym she uses for budgeting: STRIP

STRIP stands for Savings, Total Debt, Retirement, Investing and Planning.

Despite the backlash over dating videos, Vivian says she has no regrets about her cheeky frugality.

“You can say you went to new places, ate delicious food, made new connections, or at least practiced small talk.”


Vivian boasted to her TikTok followers about how she did itCredit: TikTok/yourrichbff


The influencer has gone viral many times before with her videosCredit: TikTok/yourrichbff


She bought a new Prada bag instead of groceriesCredit: Getty

https://www.thesun.co.uk/fabulous/21150540/prada-bags-dating-wild-technique-vivien/ We went on six dates a week and saved a ton of money on groceries, putting £12,000 in the bank over two years and buying Prada bags instead.

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