Virginia Man Discovers 1969 Camaro Stolen 17 Years Later

December 28 – A Virginia man whose 1969 Camaro was stolen 17 years ago reunited with the car after finding it in the garage, helping a friend buy another car.

Tommy Cook said the Haggar Orange Camaro had been stolen from a Woodbridge car repair shop in 2003 and continued to update the lost vehicle status with Prince William County Police for several years after reporting the theft. ..

“I have never written down the car,” Cook told the Freelance Star. “I knew there was a day and time to get the car back. I didn’t know where it was, but I knew it was somewhere.”

Cook said there was no lead until 17 years after a friend considering buying a Camaro in 1968 asked him to take a look at a car sold online by a Maryland man near La Plata. It was.

Cook said he had arrived at the car store to see the 1968 Camaro, but his attention was grabbed by the hoodless 1969 Camaro in the corner of the garage.

The man told Cook that the green car was originally painted in the color of the stolen car, Haggar Orange. Cook looked at the VIN on the dashboard and thought it was suspicious, so he checked the VIN elsewhere under the hood. This was consistent with the missing car.

The Charles County Sheriff’s Office in Maryland towed the Camaro to a storage location, and Cook towed it to his new store in Spotsylvania.

According to Cook, the car has undergone several upgrades since it was last owned. He said the car had clearly changed hands four times since it was stolen in 2003.

“Some people were putting money in it,” Cook said. “It was better than when it was stolen, but it’s still ugly green.”

French police resolved the missing vehicle case after a longer period of time in 2017. Chalons-en-Champagne police said a real estate owner who called authorities to report that a muddy pond had receded in a drought situation revealed the top of Peugeot 104 is buried in mud I will.

Police determined that the car was reported stolen by a third owner in 1979, 38 years before it was found in the swamp.

Virginia Man Discovers 1969 Camaro Stolen 17 Years Later

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